How to generate a 3-D selfie with any smartphone?

3-D Selfie Generator

Many of us have the habit of, “a selfie a day.”  Selfies have become a part of daily routine for many people today. We even have friends, who can’t start their day without uploading their selfies in social media statuses. What if you can upload a 3-D image out of that selfie you take every day? Amazing right?

Nowadays the technology has been rapidly updating every moment. New and different technologies like the Internet of things, Artificial intelligence, and Blockchain are creating a buzz on the web for the past few years opening doors for making the impossible possible.

3-D selfie generator
3-D image of MS Dhoni

Recently, an expert team of researchers from the Kingston University and the University of Nottingham, who are currently doing their Ph.D., have created a web application which can convert any 2-D image into a 3-D image using Convolutional Neural Network(CNN), a branch of Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Technologies used

The entire application uses the CNN(Convolutional Neural Network), Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence concepts. They developed a program which studies and recognizes the key features of every image. Based on these key features the software then creates the 3-D counterpart with a significant level of accuracy using almost 80,000 images as references, which plays a crucial role in improving the accuracy of the generated 3-D model.

The program is so intelligent that it can also generate the non-visible parts, which the image could not capture. Facial expressions, arbitrary poses, and other aspects are also dealt with a great importance in creating the images.

Create the 3-D version of your image

Want to create your 3-D version? Then hurry up! The application is out on the internet. 474,793 people already created their 3-D counterparts. All you need to do is, choose a picture from your gallery. Upload it and drag the mouse to view the 3-D version of your image. Click here to create your 3-D version and upload it on your social media walls. You can refer the GitHub link for more details about the project here.


3d selfie printed figure of yourself - India
3-D image of MS Dhoni

The Impact of this application

The application will create a great impact on online shopping experience easing the shopping of glasses, costumes, and several accessories and it could also have a huge impact in the medical field in simulating the results of plastic surgeries, and depression. The application will also create a drastic and stunning change in the VR(Virtual Reality) and AR(Augmented Reality) world creating a breath-taking and stunning user experience.

Check out the official website for more details.



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