How Should We Celebrate Independence Day – An Ideal Way To Celebrate August 15

India celebrates its Independence Day on August 15 each year. This day reminds every Indian about the dawn of a new beginning as the British rule came to end after two centuries. India became an independent nation on August 15, 1947, after that gazetted holiday is held annually to remember this date.

Independence day 15 August

Independence Day is celebrated in every part of the country with great pride. We remember all those freedom fighters who lost their lives in doing this noble cause. The traditional way of celebrating the Independence day in India includes

  • Flag Hoisting
  • Singing the national anthem
  • parade
  • Speech by the Prime Minister and President of India


But I believe following this tradition is not enough. Staying patriotic for just one day, messaging your contacts with Independence day quotes is just inadequate. Instead, we need to look out towards that part of the Indian society that needs saving and work for their welfare.

Here are a few ideal ways to celebrate August 15 and contribute to the society and the environment:

Spreading cleanliness awareness:

spread cleanliness awareness

Cleanliness is our fundamental responsibility. People must be aware of cleanliness as it is very important for health. But sometimes we forget our responsibility. So this Independence Day, start a campaign. People must be aware of how cleanliness is important for health and society. Visit a slum area or a locality near industrial dump site and spread awareness in public it is the best way to start the cleanliness campaign for awareness and it can be a crucial factor.

Organising fundraisers for a charity:

Organising fundraisers for a charity

Another noble cause that you can be a part of is organizing fundraisers for the society. Try using all communication channels available to you to promote the event well in advance. Consult local media and businesses, social media, your workplace, friends, and family and emphasize more about spreading the word through such means. If possible organize this fundraiser at a public place on this Independence day which will definitely increase the involvement of people.

Visit a homeless shelter:

Visit a homeless shelter

Plan to visit a homeless shelter this Independence day. Try to get as many volunteers along as possible. Volunteers are crucial because as they provided a lot of encouragement and support to homeless people by telling them that it is possible to come out of the situation.  There are people who are struggling with what all the hinderance that life has provided. This also helps in providing a sense of hope for the homeless.  Try to donate fresh fruits and vegetables or even cooked meal to the shelter.

Visit an old age home:

Visit an old age home

This a place where many matured individuals are not here as their will. They had their families someplace in the city or abroad. They were left there to spend whatever remains of their lives in light of the fact that their families didn’t need them any longer. They are in desperate need of someone willing to just have a conversation. They feel happy just seeing new people and interacting by sharing their life experiences. Your presence there will make their day so this Independence day make a visit to such an old age home.

Plant a tree:

plant a tree

Caring for nature, trees and the environment is the social responsibility of every individual. Let’s contribute towards this noble cause this Independence day by just planting a tree either in your house (if possible) or a park or garden. Let us follow the motto GO GREEN and contribute towards making the earth a favorable place to live in. Trees are like any other living organism, which will grow old and become weak. Hence, in order to sustain our lush greenery, we need to constantly plant new trees.

Let’s make our Independence day meaningful !!

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