Holi And Drugs – A Big No, Instead Enjoy With Colour Of Love And Hope!

Holi & Drugs- Big No No, Instead Enjoy With Colour of Love & Hope this holi. This year it is on Thursday, March 1 and into the evening of Friday, March 2 as people come together and celebrate the colorful festival.

Happy Holi

Enjoy With Colour Of Love And Hope!

Despite this being a Hindu festival, people of all religions and cultures take part as people celebrate it universally. The main event is when people throw a handful of gulal – colored powder. This falls on the second day of the two-day festival, which this year is March 2, and comes after Holika Dahan.

All castes, social divisions, and religious barriers come down on this festival, as people celebrate the religious festival universally, regardless of cultural and religious differences. During the festival, people say ‘Bura na mano, Holi hai!” which means “do not mind, it’s holi.”


I know everyone is curiously waiting for this special day. So here the wait is going to over.

Stay no to addictions

But friends This year, be aware of addictions. It is a festival of color where limited Bhang is good for health and also it will give you joy, enthusiasm but not wine or beer or overdrink of bhang too.

Bhang is an edible preparation of Cannabis. and may not suit you sometimes So be preventive about it. Being drunk is basically a physiological state, that may also include changes in consciousness. It acts upon the body by the ingestion of ethanol.


In plain words, we feel drunk when the alcohol enters the body much faster than it can be metabolized by the liver. A person experiences extreme emotions of euphoria or acute sadness under the influence of alcohol. Of course, a fall in social inhibition is quickly noticed! So all in all, alcohol makes you feel pretty dope. Depending on what your poison is, the effects might vary slightly. This festival should be a festival of remembrance and how it can be?

It can only be great if you will enjoy it with colorful gulal, dishes etc. Do you know friends, just because of drinking alcohol, it results in the use of toxic colors over others. Bike ragers payback turns nasty which concludes worse. So take care of your yourself and your family.

Gathering of people during Holi (Festival of Colors), India

Enjoy this beautiful festival of color with love, joy, amusement and then it will be for sure a loving and rememberable holi!

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