HOLI 2018 – Let’s Get Drenched In Colors Of Love!

Holi 2018
Holi 2018 – let’s get drenched in colours of love

Happy Holi folks! So, the most colourful and playful festival is finally here. Beyond any doubt, we all love Holi. It’s the time of year when thrill meter is at its peak. It’s the time when you avoid certain lanes just so no one splashes a balloon full of colours on you. Getting tipsy in an array of colours together with friends and taking as many pictures as you like. There are colours all over the streets; gulaal, pichkaari, bhang and so much more brings a complete package of fun to us.

Holi 2018
The most colourful and playful festival is here

Moreover, the aroma of special Holi delicacies draws us to the kitchen. The festival is not just a cultural extravaganza, but also a culinary one. But, do you think only Indians have such fun festivals, like Holi?

Looks like we have inspired a whole lot of people to get messy with friends and family and still enjoy it. We are not the only ones who take pride in coating each other with colours and flinging buckets of water around like crazy. It’s no surprise that the west has also dived into the barrel of colours to play Holi. Its too much fun after all.

Did you know?

Coldplay, the popular international rock band was so mesmerized with Holi that they flew down to India just to include the festival in their latest music video, Hymn for the weekend.

So, here we are to get you grooving with some spectacular colour festivals around the world, inspired by our very own Holi. These pictures of celebrations across the world will surely get you in the mood for Holi 2018 festivities.

1. Life In Color

Life in colour is the biggest colour festival out there. It’s a United States based EDM event company, best known for their “paint party” life in colour concerts. This concept first initiated as a college festival in Florida, which now has progressed into a worldwide colour party.

Holi 2018
Life in colour, “world’s largest paint party”

These guys literally spray paints all over the crowd. They use everything, from giant paint guns to fire extinguishers filled with water-soluble paint, to rain it down on everyone. Imagine an ocean of colours raining down on you as you get down to some of the best DJs. If you get here, you are definitely in for a thrilling experience.

2. Holi One

Holi one is a colour festival held in Cape Town. However, it is closely inspired by the traditional Hindu festival. This event aims to adopt our vivid culture of celebrating Holi with music and colours and to cherish the power of one.

Holi 2018
Holi One, “we are one colour”

Participants are encouraged to wear white as is the tradition. The music never stops, the cloud of colours in the sky never fades and people dance delightfully. Thousands of people coming together to share music, dance and time – what better presents the vibe of Holi?

3. Mumbai Color Festival

Mumbai colour festival is an electronic music festival in the Netherlands. What makes the event unique are the bombs bursting with colours. During the festival, Fort Vochten becomes alive with music and colours.

Holi 2018
Mumbai Color Festival, “breaking the odds”

The idea behind the concept is to break down all the distinctions of race, gender, and sexuality, and bring everyone together under a blanket of colour. Therefore, the Mumbai Color Festival celebrates life annually through colour and music. An evening of colours, life, music, and happiness – who can say no to that?

4. Holi Garden Festival

Ibiza annually holds the Holi Garden Festival, which is the brightest music and colour stage there is. This event first debuted in Ibiza in 2014 with a riot of colours, music and positive spirit.

Holi 2018
Holi Garden Festival, “party under the Ibiza sun”

No rules, no boundaries, no rivalries, no VIPs, no judgment, only love, music and tons of colours! In addition, partying under the Ibiza sun, covering your mates in the paint, and all this to the sounds of some world class DJs…..what’s not to like?

5. The Color Run

The colour run, London is a five-kilometre, untimed event in which thousands of people participate. In the course of their run, the “colour runners” are doused from head to toe in different colours. There are just 2 simple rules:

  1. Wear white at the starting line.
  2. Finish plastered in colour.
Holi 2018
The Color Run, “Hero tour”

Wait wait wait! The fun isn’t over yet. After the race follows an unforgettable finish festival. This larger than life party is equipped with music, dancing, and massive colour throws. Sounds amazing, right?

6. Holi Festival Of Colors

Holi festival of colours is an international colour fest spread across 40 cities and 16 countries. Basically, it is an electronic music festival that spins around the traditional Hindu festival.

Holi 2018
Holi festival of colours, Germany

Wherever may be the event, the organizers invite everybody to celebrate the arrival of summer. From noon onwards, participants can get all coloured. While a countdown tells people when to throw the colours up in the air. Not only this, in between the countdown the festival turns into a big party.

From the famous coloured paint to the best in feel-good house music, the whole day promises smiles on the faces of everyone in attendance. Not to mention, in India, the festival signifies equality, that for once a year everyone is equal. Be it rich or poor, male or female, young or old. But enough with all the seriousness. Let’s face it, we love Holi because it’s a whole load of fun.

So, whether you celebrate it in desi style or a high-class destination Holi, make sure to have your share of fun. We wish you all a very happy Holi.

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