Hilarious Things About Exams

Exams usual people fears when such word comes across their lives. I do fear, normal people also but then comes “Engineers”. Here are some hilarious things about exams.

Reality of exams
Funny Exam Pictures

Engineers and Exams

When it comes to exams in what category of people they come, NO IDEA. They have literally accepted the fact that “NOTHING IS GOING TO COME YOUR SIDE, BETTER DON’T GIVE IT A TRY”. Few days before exams we use to be tensed this much is still left, what we will happen. An Engineer never exams. How? They are gonna open their books one day before an exam or might be roaming around the market or bookstore in search of books.


When finally they end up to find books to get then comes the main twist when shopkeeper asks “Bhaiya which subject books do you need”? Subjects, they don’t even know the names of anyone of them. Google search is the last option to help them out. They are still shameless with no fear. Few more hours to go for the exam.  No, they believe in enjoying things slowly. That’s the reason most of us curse them for their working style. Few hours before exam they will open books.


Usually, we normal people revise whole chapters but they search for the questions asked last year. As this year it’s not going to be in the question paper. They are too good at calculation when the time comes how to get ride of working hard. They will prepare a list of 10 selective questions from the whole syllabus.

Will revise it after a nap of 30 minutes becomes six hours sleep. The morning goes in getting ready for examinations. The question paper will be handed over to solve. With no fear, they will start solving it. Questions came out to be what they are not prepared for. At last, they are gonna end up writing movie story or song, so what was the use of wasting those few hours. They are going to fail at last.

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