Here Are Those 5 Bold Bollywood Movies Which You Cannot Watch Along With Your Parents!

The Indian film Industry has never ceased to amaze film lovers,  with their songs, dance, double-meaning dialogues, iconic scenes or even the romantic sequences. Many a times Bollywood has been criticized for its boring plots, same concept movies etc but The Indian film industry has also come up with some of the most creative movies which have been recognized worldwide. The Censorship in India is very strict, filmmakers have to keep a constant check on them, and in spite of this Bollywood has successfully released some amazing erotic and bold movies

1.Bandit Queen (1994)

Bandit Queen is  perhaps the boldest movie of all time. Bandit Queen was based on the real life of Phoolan Devi and her struggle which ultimately turned her into a revered fearsome leader.Bandit Queen was packed with vulgar and offensive language, sexual content,  and nudity. Bandit Queen was well-recognized and even won National Film Award. But obviously the Censor board couldn’t withstand the explicit content and Bandit Queen was banned.

Bandit Queen

2.Kama Sutra- A Tale Of True Love (1996)

Mira Nair one of the most renowned filmmakers came up with Kama Sutra, and as the name suggests this was truly one bold iconic movie. Kama Sutra was based on the lives of four lovers in the 16 century. Kama Sutra was full of drama and explicit content, which made it one of the boldest movies in Bollywood. Sadly Kama Sutra was not a success as these delegate topics were not so open to public back then.

Kama Sutra

3.Girlfriend (2004)

Girlfriend a movie by Karan Razdan was first of its kind to openly come up with the idea of Homosexuality. Girlfriend was a movie of two best friends who share a very special bond with each other and how one of them tries to create a rift between her friend and her lover. Amrita Arora and Isha Koppikar played their characters very well and gave rise to” a out of the box” Movie. Girlfriend was not  an instant hit but got recognized as one of the Bollywood’s Boldest movie of the 21st century.


4.BA Pass (2012)

Ajay Bahl’s  BA Pass was a movie based on a young man’s affair with a women much older than his age.  BA Pass was highly recognized worldwide and won many international film awards. Shilpa Shukla was the lead actress of this controversial Bold movie which certainly raised the bars of the Indian Cinema. BA Pass which couldn’t gain much popularity among general audience certainly made name for itself as one of Bollywood’s Boldest movie with explicit sexual scenes offensive language, vulgarity etc

BA Pass

5. Mastram (2014)

Mastram was a movie based on a fictitious writer who writes erotic tales. Mastram displays the writer’s struggle to get his ideas published and the hypocrisy of the Indian society regarding sexuality. Mastram had all the erotic scenes, double meaning dialogues, nudity and sexuality which made Mastram Bollywood’s recent addition to the Adult and Bold Category. Akhilesh Jaiswal  rightfully gets his ideas among the masses and provides a sad truth about the Indian Society.






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