Here Are Those 10 Painfully Accurate Pictures Every Indian Will Instantly Relate To!

These 10 pictures will make every Indian instantly relate to those difficult and painful situations they have come across in their life:

  1. When anything bad happens to you, but your mother instead of talking to you on that particular things immediately reach a  conclusion that it is all because of your mobile phone.

Me: “mom, mere pait mein dard hai”! (mom, my stomach is aching!)

Mom:  sara din phone mein ghoosa rahega toh yahi hoga ( it’s all because of your damn phone)

my reaction:


  1. When your parents want you to talk to one of the relatives on phone “ le baat kar le.. mama hai tere”


  1. When mom says “fine, do whatever you want” or “jab khud ke bachee honge toh pata chalega, teri harkato se hume kitna dard hota hai


  1. When aunty from a neighborhood watch you talking to an opposite gender


  1. When you tell your dad that you want to go for commerce rather than science and his reaction is same as this uncle in the picture.


  1. When you are introduced by your mom to some of her kitty party friends.


  1. When you are in market with your mother and a female/male batchmate of yours say “hi” to you!!


  1. When you are stuck in a party either with kids below half of your age or with uncle and aunties double your age!


  1. When you are watching a family movie together and a romantic scene come, you have to act like you don’t know the work s*x !!


  1. At a family party when you constantly ask your mom to leave and you face betrayal by her every time.

Me: mom can we go home

mom: yes, let me just meet Mrs. Sharma.

After 1 hr

Me: mom can we go now?

Mom: yes sure, OOO… there is Mrs. Sharma, was searching her for a long time, wait a minute I am just coming.


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