Here Are The Top 5 Misconceptions About Women In The Society!

Women’s sometimes takes as goddess and sometimes are given no respect. They are known for all these things which are not always done by them. It is always said that a woman cannot be understood by anyone and it is true but many do think that they have achieved understanding the theory about women. Women are mysterious and so people always make tries to know them. Let us know some of the top 5 misconceptions about women in our lives:

1. Only women can talk
It’s not only women can talk much but nowadays there are more number of men’s who talk much. They are found more at different places talking in groups. It is that gossiping is becoming more common in men according to the studies.


2. Women are impressed by show off
Markets provide us with many different products which may make us lpok different but it is the case only in kids. No women is impressed if someone tries to show off his charm and fame it is all counted as arrogance or all the negative words.


3. Sports are not for women
This one is really a lie and yes women’s are proving it. They are getting too much success and yes that is much more than or equal to men. It is not that every women is weak and not that all men are stronger than women. Let us make them feel more strong and make all proud.


4. Women can’t drive
It is said that driving is not for women, but you think it is true. Naaah ! Even girls are better drivers and are not the reason for accident. Do respect them as drivers. They are more careful as drivers whereas men move into different activities while it. So you know who are better.


5. They have less sexual desire
It is believed that women are not wild on bed and are never the one to initiate the sexual activities but that is just a myth. They are as equal wild and desired for sex like men.


Look at these they are just all the misconceptions which are fed in the minds of people about women but these are not true. So let us change our mindset.

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