Here Are 6 Sure Shots To Keep Your Relationship Strong & Unbreakable!

Relationships get weaker as the time passes. The starting is through all the romance, touching and the moments when you can’t just live without speaking to them. You put all of your passion into it, you care, love become hot and want always be with each other all of the time.And its the time now all your work load, all the social gatherings have made you. Making love together, talking to each other have just turned into the dreams.

Starting of a relation makes you go lusty due to your hormones but as fast as time passes you are left with less feelings for bed love.Whole day of work will leave you over with nothing and all lust is gone. You don’t want a talk, no couch and not even your bed sex.

Your partner starts to feel neglected, unloved and all this may sometimes lead to a tragedy called divorce. It is important for you to show them your it may not just be a night together yes there should be some small things to show it. Lets check out what are the 6 sure shots to keep your relationship strong and unbreakable :

1. Show love in small things :
Try texting, letters, post and show them how much they love you. Do small things for them and see your happiness in them.

2. Spend time :
It is been a long since you both have spent time together alone due to a work load. Move out with each other hand-in-hand, spend your time and be young again.2.

3. Be with each other :
Whether it is goods or bads just be with each other love each other. Share everything as if this time won’t come back. Don’t take out each other’s mistake instead love as they are.3.

4. Feel each other :
The most important thing is you can touch each other to show the love nd legally that to. So start moving your fingers over each other and feel the breathe.4.

5. Get on bed :
Find some time for each. Bed is not only to have children but it makes a person more closer to one. Do it it’s your love, don’t hide it.5.

6. Be trustworthy :
Trust is an important aspect of every relation. Talk to each other about every topic, every problem and be what you really are in a relation.

Relationships can make you strong as well as weak. But its up to you how you handle them. I wish these tips would help you to be close and loved for each other

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