Happy Brothers Day: 15 Crazy Things Only Those Who Have An Elder Brother Can Understand!

Having an elder brother is like having an additional parent, isn’t it? He teases you and also drives you crazy but he protects you and also loves you more than anything in this whole world. If you have an elder brother, you’re sure to relate to this. And for those who can’t, read this article. It will make you understand what it means to have an elder brother.

Here’s to all the elder brothers in this world!

  1. He pampers you like you are his own child!

Even though your elder brother knows that you have come in his life to share everything (also the parent’s love), he still adores you and pampers you like anything. He loves you tries to do everything he can, for you i.e. his little sister.


  1. He introduces you to everything.

Even before your parents start teaching you about something, your elder brother starts giving you pieces of advice (basically tips and tricks) about everything, everything means everything! He is the one who introduces with sports and every possible thing that exists in his small world. And you never come to know this that initially, you copied him in everything.


  1. There is someone to back you when Mom and Dad are being unreasonable.

He is always there to support you even when your parents don’t understand your point. He also plays the role of a peacemaker between you and your parents. If he is there on your side, even your parents can’t stop you for doing anything.


  1. He takes you to all the wonderful places.

For all the little sisters, elder brothers play the role of their personal driver. Whenever you step out of the house, it’s with him. He makes you explore new places, restaurants, pub etc. And if he is around even your parents are not going to stop you.


  1. He taught you how to compete.

Whether coming first in eating food, or getting good marks in exam, your brother is always a person with whom you are compared with. This generates a competitive behavior in each of you that makes us. This behavior makes us that strong that we get ready to face the world full of competition.

  1. He taught you how to understand boys and men alike.

The way he deals with you and your mother makes you understand what kind of men you should interact with. He unknowingly sets a standard for you. You also come to know the difference between a man and a real man.


  1. He taught you how to be patient.

His constant prank and goofy games teach you how to be patient. Whether its motherhood and parenting or dealing with others, having an elder brother has taught you to not get angry or be frustrated too easily.


  1. He showed you how to be tough.

You learn from him how to take a stand and fight for yourself. The wrestling matches you get into with your brother teach you to stay strong and never give up. He might be stronger than you, but you learn to become cunning.


  1. He is always there to protect you.

No matter what, he is always there for you.  You don’t have to worry about any creepy men coming around with your older brother in the picture.


  1. He teaches you self-defense.

Constant fight with your brother makes you know what the weak points of men are. This you can use at the time of emergency. Isn’t it ?


  1. He helps you financially.

Shopping or anything, your elder brother is always there to help you. Older brothers love to take on a father figure type role when it comes to their younger sisters. This often means helping them out financially.


  1. He is a shoulder to cry upon.

Breakups or anything, your elder brother is always there. You can share up your deepest secrets, fear or anything with him. He is always there to support you and will also make you come out of the situation.


  1. He is ready to work on odd hours too.

Midnight curving or anything, your elder brother is always ready to work for you and make your wish complete. He is always ready to accompany you in anything, anytime.


  1. He gives you constructive criticism.

From dressing sense to your egoistic behavior, he is always there to criticize you, always! He does this to show off his dominance as he believes that he knows everything way more than you do and hence he can give you long lectures. It’s okay, just listen to him. This makes you a better human being altogether.


  1. He is full of advice.

Whenever wherever you need him he is there with a bag full of advice. He supports you mentally as well as physically. Isn’t  that true!


After reading this article, every younger sibling, especially girl would definitely feel special because they have an elder brother with whom they can celebrate life.

This brothers day make him fell more special, as he does to you!


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