‘The Handmaid’s Tale’is timely but that’s not why it’s so terrifying


Based on Margret Atwood’s 1985 novel of the same which is set in dystopian future where the United States of America has been replaced by a new totalitarian state called ‘The Republic of Gilead‘.  Gilead rose to power as it was to put a stop to a huge amount of easily available Porn, Prostitution, and Violence towards women.  The low fertility rate due to pollution and chemical spills were also of prime concern, for which the government has issued the concept of Handmaid.


After her remarkable acting in the Netflix Series “Gilmore Girls“, Alexis Bledel is switching to this new series named “THE HANDMAID’S TALE” in which she is playing the role of Ofglen.The scariest and terrifying part of the series is the role of Protagonist Elizabeth Moss who is an Ofglen.The paranoia of Gilead is personified as ‘Ofglen’ which means ‘a trained pig’ who does what her master says her to do. Her characters name is Offred, not being her real name in the series as she says that no one is allowed to call her by her real name as her name is forbidden. Offred is handmaid whose job is to be assigned to married couples to procreate with the high-status men. Women are forced to conceive with the high-status men who show the ownership of women which seems scary as it is not made up but real.


The popularity of the novel is also majorly due to the relevance of the characters with the real life instances such as the practice of sex-trafficking, an illegal activity that continues to grow all over the world. Moreover, the show portrays government regulation over women’s body which fascinates the audiences to watch it. The show brings the tale to life by focusing on men driven government who strips the women of all their rights which can be easily related to the present Scenario.

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