Hair Fall Revival Within A Week With Pure Natural Ingredients!

Why is hair fall so common?

The lifestyle we adopt nowadays, hardly allows us to take care of ourselves. Hair too is on our ignored list. Some of the hair fall control products are in the market but those are synthetic that can cause harm. Additionally, the polluted environment, daily stress, hectic work schedules don’t permit the hair to keep its natural growth and shine. Our hair falls and that leads to increasing fall of hair again!!Nevertheless, there are few home remedies to restore the healthy hair and control the hair fall within 7 days.

Remedies to revive hair fall with these ingredients

Aloe vera

It is a multi-benefit plant used for hair, scalp, skin, etc. To gain natural moisture of hair, aloe-vera is applied to the scalp in the form of gel or oil. Also, the hair becomes soft and shiny if used on regular basis.

Aloe vera gel or aloe oil apply directly on scalp for hair fall revival.
Aloe vera Gel or Aloe Oil (Image Source: Google)


Among Nuts, consumption of Almonds works very well as “hair vitamin”. It is a bountiful source of biotin which helps to build the hair protein (keratin) and control hair loss. Whole grains and peanuts are also excellent sources of biotin.

source of biotin which helps to build the hair protein (keratin) and control hair loss.
Nuts and whole grains (Image Source: Google)


Intake of eggs is much essential for the prevention of hair loss. For external application, mix 1-2 eggs according to the length of the hair and spread all over the scalp. Leave it undisturbed for half an hour. When the hair becomes dry cleanse with warm water and a mild cleanser to get rid of the nasty smell of eggs.

Eggs are helpful in preventing Hair falls.
Eggs (Image Source: Google)

Olive oil

Olive is a beneficial ingredient used for multiple purposes. For healthy hair, apply this to scalp after warming it to the body temperature. Leave on for around half an hour and use a cleanser to remove the extra oil.

Use Pure Olive Oil to scalp after warming it to the body temperature.
Olive Oil (Image Source: Google)

Orange extract

It reduces hair loss if frequently used on the scalp. It is quite a corrosive substance as it contains vitamin C and pectin.Use it carefully to keep away from eyes.

Use Orange extract or Puree to reduce hair fall.
Orange Extract/ Puree (Image Source: Google)


Healthy and disciplined lifestyle

Above all, our diet and sleep play a very important role in controlling the fall of Hairs. Regular sound sleep and diet inclusive of high protein, unsaturated fats can be of help. Sea fishes such as Salmon, mackerel, tuna contains omega 3 and proteins can rapidly enhance hair growth.

Healthy diet and adequate sleep to reduce hair fall
Healthy Diet and Adequate Sleep to reduce Hair falls (Image Source: Google)

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