Hair Conditioner Recipe For Damaged Hair

straightened hair seem all too good and smooth and, well, straight

Who doesn’t want thick and glossy hair? What wouldn’t one give for a shiny long mane! Many of us try various ways to keep up with our personal hair goals. But most of us would agree that these methods are both costly and very temporary. They might as well worsen the quality¬†after some time. For example, straightening. Recently straightened hair seem all too good and smooth and, well, straight. But after a while, it goes all frizzy and unbelievably curvy and rough, and let’s not forget split ends.

Shiny Black Hair

All chemical processes leave a damage mark, whether you believe it or not. Be it spa, smoothening or coloring. To cope with these trendy techniques, our hair needs natural nourishment. Natural treatments are way cheaper, easier and more effective. Moreover, they almost never leave a single ounce of damage to your hair, unless it doesn’t suit you in extreme cases. Here’s one such conditioner recipe which contains a mixture of fruits to nourish your hair, so that they become healthy and rich.

Ingredients Required:

Ingredients Required for smooth and shiny hair
  • A half banana
  • Half cup cucumber slices
  • Half cup avocado slices
  • One lemon
  • Half apple
  • One dash of honey
  • Few drops of olive oil
  • Rose water (optional)

Instructions to Prepare:

Put the fruit slices in a blender and blend them till it becomes a fruit puree. Cut the lemon and squeeze it into the puree. Add honey and olive oil and blend again. Make sure there are no lumps remaining in the mixture. If the mixture is too thick, add a few drops of rose water to dilute it till it is sufficiently consistent.

Instructions to Use For Thick Smooth Hair:

Instructions to Use For Thick Smooth Hair

Soak a thick towel in hot water until it is completely wet. Squeeze it and wrap around your head to steam your scalp for 3-5 minutes. Steaming the snap helps in opening up the pores to absorb the nutrients in an effective way. Apply the conditioner on scalp and hair, till the whole head gets covered. Let it be for half an hour. Then rinse with a mild shampoo. The conditioner results in an instant nourishment and will make the hair soft and shiny.

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-Aayushi Tiwari

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