A Guide To Be Happy For Your Friend When You Are Sad

Can you be Happy while being Sad?

Happy - positive thinking exercise
Smiley of emotion

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Being happy is one of the goals of everyone’s life. But sometimes this proves to be a difficult task for everyone. For example, Your friend receives the acceptance letter while you get your rejection letter from a particular college. Then you want to be happy.But the question is, can you?

And I would say yes you can.Follow some simple steps and viola!!

Here are few tips to help you to keep your emotions in check.And to enjoy the success of your friend.

1.Happy or Sad

emotions of being happy can make positive thinking
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It is okay to be happy and sad at the same time.Research says holding both emotions at the same time can be beneficial. This can help us in taking difficult decisions with ease. So don’t worry and make a place for both the emotions.

2.Be Positive

Positive thoughts can affect your life
Thoughts can affect your life

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Saying yourself to be positive for your friend can have disastrous results. For example, you can behave differently, and that will have a more negative impact than planned. So make a place for your negative thoughts as well. Accept the negativity with patience.

3.Their Success or your Inspiration

Positive thinking technique- accept the failure and work toward success
Accept the failure and work toward success

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This is a difficult task. You have to be mature and recognize their success. Use that success for your inspiration. If my friend can do it then so can I.Never allow negative thoughts to ruin your happiness? Keep the fighter in you alive and fighting.

4.Know where you are

Positive thinking tips- Live in present
Live in present

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This only says live in the present. Keep your thoughts around you. Don’t wonder in your land of your mind. Keep yourself with your environment. And focus on everything around you.

Lastly, I would say Being Happy or sad is in your hands. Whatever you choose to feel you will feel that.No one can force you to believe something you don’t want.Your choices will affect you and your health. so always choose to Be Happy and Healthy.

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