Google to make some changes. You may not be able to use some apps in future.

Google made some important announcements on Thursday. The announcement that can put makes you think. What can it be? Makes you think, doesn’t it? So why don’t you read along and find out what is new in this tech world? And how will it affect our app usage?

  • Google to abolish 32-bit app framework

Google to abolish 32-bit framework for android apps
Google will abolish 32-bit framework (Image source-Google)

Yes, you read it right. 32-bit app framework will be abolished soon. So it means that all the apps that are built on the 32-bit platform will not be functional anymore. It is planning on having only 64-bit apps. Because it is concerned with security. All the future apps that are built with a focus on a 64-bit version.

  • A matter of security

These changes intended to increase the safety of android devices.
Changes are introduced because of security (Image source-Google)

As per the current reports, about 40% apps come with 64-bit support. And 32-bit compatibility. But this will change. Do you know what is new? In future, all the apps will be built on the 64-bit framework. The 64-bit platform provides more security. It can determine if an app is authentically downloaded from the Google Play Store. And this will reduce the frequency of malware downloads.

  • Changes to be implemented from 2019

These proposed changes by Google to be effective from August 2019
Changes will be effective since August 2019 (Image source-Google)

Google also mentioned that the following changes shall be effective from the year 2019. The August of 2019, shall be with it these changes. Under the new changes, the developers will have to develop the app specifically for Android Oreo. Even if the app doesn’t need Oreo base.

Recently Apple has also implemented something similar. Demolishing all 32-bit platform. It has become implacable from June of this year. ┬áSince it is all a matter of security that they have implemented such rules. It is just to give you the best experience that they can provide. So it’s not all bad. Let’s try and see what it has in store for you.

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