Gmail’s 6 Features You’ll Regret Not Knowing Earlier

Gmail’s Features You’ll Regret Not Knowing Earlier

Gmail is the most used email interface of the world today. Almost everyone who has an email ID has one on Gmail too. We’re in a situation where people have used Gmail for years now. So, it will be bit of a shock to register that it has so many features you don’t know about. And what’s there to add more- they’re very, very useful. Below are 6 amazing and cool features you never knew Gmail has.

  • Gmail Attachment Notification

    If you have composed an email without attachments and it contains the phrase ‘I have attached’ somewhere, then Gmail actually notifies you. You will get a notification message saying that you’ve not actually attached anything in your mail, just to confirm you didn’t forget. How nice is that now!

    gmail attachment notification
    Attachment Notification
  • Flexible Usernames

    For any personal account which contains a period (.) in the username, it doesn’t really matter if you put that every time or not. Your username will still be all the same. So basically, you own all those Gmail IDs which have your username with all possible combinations of it and period symbol. Cool, isn’t it!

    gmail use flexible feature in username
    Flexible Usernames
  • Self-Destruction of Emails

    You can actually retrieve those ‘sorry by mistake’ emails from Gmail. After you send a mail, you can select the option saying ‘Undo Send’ within 30 seconds and it’ll be as if you’ve never sent the email in the first place! Another way after a longer duration will be a Chrome Extension called ‘Dmail’, which performs the same function without time limits.

    Self-destruction of gmail
    Self-Destruct Emails


  • Filter Important Mails

    If you don’t wanna miss on some particular important emails, you can easily filter those Ids using filter keywords. Just add a ‘+’ sign after the username and add any keyword after it. Later on, you can search for emails from those IDs using that keyword. Ta-da!

    Filter Important Mail in gmail
    Filter Important Mails
  • Unsubscribe Unwanted Mails

    We all know how we absolutely hate spam mails or mails from unwanted websites or organisations. But Gmail actually offers you an opportunity to unsubscribe from all those unwanted mails in your inbox. All you’ve to do is click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button below the sender’s mail ID.

    Unsubscribe Unwanted Mails from gmail
    Unsubscribe Unwanted Mails
  • Snooze Your Emails

    This according to me is the best amongst the hidden features of Gmail. Now we’ve all snoozed our alarms not only once, but many times. Sometimes even multiple snoozes in a row! And behold! Now here’s a Chrome extension called Google Snooze wherein you can snooze your mails so that you can delay the time you receive them again according to whatever suitable to you. Convenient enough?

    Snooze your email
    Snooze Emails

    -Aayushi Tiwari

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