Girls Beware Of These 8 Silly Makes That You Make In Your Relationship!

It is said that no one is born so perfect. But everyone wants a partner who is more perfect. Much of the relations are destroyed because of making the other perfect. Many women’s go on with their relation without knowing about it that whether it is right or not. There are many of those things which woman should avoid in order to go with smooth relation.

Don’t do things to make yourself and the other feel frustrate with each just try and make it go smooth. Here are some of those 8 mistakes that every girl makes in their relationship. So girls , beware and read the blog to know what blunder you have been making since you started your relationship with him :

1. Accepting Him As He Is:
Many women expect her partner to be according to her wishes. It is that he should do what she want, look like what she wants him to, talk, walk everything should be according to her. You should not make him loose his identity.1.

2. Lowering Your Self-Esteem Every Time :
Is it always that you are not satisfied about yourself. It is just that you don’t have knowledge about love on full. And you are not a failure. So respect yourself and make him respect you.

3. Thinking You Should Be Good To Keep Your Love Happy:
It is that many times you feel that you are not perfect to get their love. But the truth is we should not put ourselves more into it. Because the more we go in the worse output we get.

4. Thinking/Assuming To Always Take The Initiative:
Why should men’s be first in showing the love, in making the mood. Now the time is been changed you could start it off. So don’t reject him because he can’t be first to start with.

5. Not Reading His Mind:
Women’s always believe that their better one should know you and should always read your mind and know what you need and what you want. You should try and communicate with each other and trust each other for your needs.

6. You Only Make Your Man Feel Out Of The World :
You always believe and take yourself superior in the relation. You feel that he should always make you feel special and happy in all terms. But he needs your support in that too.

7. You Thought Boys Don’t Talk :
It is just a myth that people think that men’s don’t talk much. And so women’s feel that sharing your heart with them is a bit difficult task. But no it’s not just speak your heart.

8. Unnecessary Fights :
Every women feel that she should get a special attention by his love. And when she don’t get it, she fights. Women’s should not be dominated in the relation as it does show your love but your superiority.

I wish girls will now stop being dominating to their men and will believe in equality. So just stop doing these things to save your relationship.

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