Ghana Teacher Of Teaching Computer On Board Went Viral Last Month

Richard Appiah Akoto, a Ghana teacher find a new way of teaching the computer to small kids. Kids are always a difficult task but Akoto used to teach them without any computers. His work looks very interesting and full of innovation.

Do you know how this Ghana teacher teach computers?

Ghana Teacher

The computers which were available for school and Akoto’s himself were broken. Thereafter Akoto finds an innovative idea of teaching small kids. He drew the interface of MS software on a blackboard to get the students know about the computer basic. His work looks similar to a presentation view which is very beautiful. He had posted some pictures of his work on Facebook which went viral last month. It not only get thousands of likes but many of them also want to help the computerless kids of the Ghana town.

What Akoto said ??

Source: Google

“I love my students so I have to do what will make them understand what am teaching,” he wrote.

In an interview with Microsoft ¬†Akoto said “I wanted to teach them how to launch Microsoft Word. But I had no Computers to show them. I had to do my best. So I decided to draw what the screen looks like on the blackboard with chalk”.

NIIT Ghana promised to set up ICT center

Ghana Teacher

An Indian company also decided to help computerless kids and sent some computers to the children. NIIT Ghana added a news on Facebook. ” The District chief executive for the area has promised to set up an ICT center with the computers which will help the entire communities”. NIIT Ghana wrote. They also promise to provide free IT training for the entire community. NPR reported that they will provide a special training to Akoto. They will give a laptop and a professional training to Akoto.

This is really a positive news for the Ghana community. We can see that how Ghana teacher Akoto’s work integrating to a big change.However, The community will be benefited by NIIT Ghana. His announcement of providing IT training and ICT center is a great work of social welfare.

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