Fun With Fashion: Watermelon Dress Is Now The Latest Summer Trend

Social media never ceases to amaze us by its new fashion trends but the latest style craze that is taking over Twitter and Instagram is really funny! It’s the cool and refreshing Watermelon Dress.

What actually the Watermelon Dress is:

Saying Watermelon dress, we aren’t talking about watermelon prints in dresses.

We are talking about the trend where people are posting their pictures on social medias with freshly cut slices of watermelon, the summer fruit, holding in front of them.

Proving everyone wrong who used to think watermelon to be a summer fruit only, Instagram is showing how the fruit can also be used to create fun!

Girls in Watermelon dresses:

Girl in Watermelon dress
Image- Google

In the picture above, the girl is in a dancing pose enjoying the fruit as her new wardrobe collection.

Posing in watermelon dress
Image- Google

Here the fruit serves as a skirt for the model.

Babies in Watermelon Dresses:

People of all ages are reluctantly taking part in this piece of fun and posing cheerfully in front of the camera.

Babies in watermelon dress
Image- Google

The baby girl is posing standing in front of the swimming pool in her cool and trendy watermelon frock.

Cheering with the watermelon dress
Image- Google

A sweet little girl looks cheerful while posing with her latest refreshing summer dress.

Sleeping in watermelon dress
Image- Google

The baby is sleeping wearing his favorite and latest fashion clothing.

Men in Watermelon dress:

Men are also not lagging behind in posting pictures continuing this funny trend on their social handles.

Men in watermelon dress
Image- Google

What people are commenting on this latest trend:

  • “Yes, we had to try the watermelon dress on-call can’t resist a trend”.
  • “Friday fun in the office is all about the new watermelon dress, may need to go up a size”.
  • “I am dying since I think my friend wore it better. I don’t know how. But he did”.
  • “Just chilling in my new puffy sleeves. Happy 4th!”.

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