Food That Causes Weight Gain Instantly!

Type of food that causes weight gain instantly

Today we are discussing a very common topic for food and health-related issues. For some people, weight gain or adding muscle can be just as difficult as losing weight.

Gaining weight or adding muscle can be just as difficult as losing weight.
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However, simply adding certain foods to your diet can be very effective to gain weight in an extremely easy way and it would be very fun if you are a foodie.

Weight gaining food


Rice is a convenient, low-cost carb source of food to help you gain weight. Just 1 cup (165 grams) of cooked rice provides 190 calories, 43 grams of carbs and very little fat.

Rice is a convenient, low-cost carb source of food to help you gain weight.
Rice helps you gain weight (Image Source – Google)

It is the seed of the grass species Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or cereal grain, it is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world’s human population, especially in Asia. It is also fairly calorie-dense, meaning you can easily obtain a high amount of carbs and calories from a single serving. This helps you eat more food, especially if you have a poor appetite or get full quickly.

When you are on the go or in a rush, two-minute packs of microwavable rice can be easily added to other protein sources and pre-made meals. Another popular method is to prepare a large pot of rice for the week and combine it with some proteins and healthy fats.

Red meat

This is probably one of the best muscle-building foods available.

Red meat
Red meat

It contains large amounts of iron, creatine, minerals such as zinc and phosphorus, and B-vitamins: (niacin, vitamin B, thiamin, and riboflavin). Red meat is a source of lipoic acid. It contains small amounts of vitamin D. The liver contains much higher quantities than other parts of the animal. Steak, for example, contains around 3 grams of leucine per 6 ounces. Leucine is the key amino acid your body needs to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and add new muscle tissue.

In addition to this, red meats are one of the best sources of dietary creatine, which is possibly the world’s best supplement. They also have more calories and fat than leaner meats, helping you take in extra calories and add weight. In one study, 100 elderly women added 6 ounces (170 grams) of red meat to their diets and performed resistance training sessions six days a week for six weeks.

However, extremely large amounts may not be wise due to their potential arsenic and phytic acid content. Arsenic can cause metal toxicity and phytic acid can reduce the absorption of zinc and iron. The women gained mass, had an 18% increase in strength and an increase in the important muscle-building hormone IGF-1. Both lean and fatty types of meat are a great source of protein, although fatty meat provides more calories, which can help you gain weight.


To gain weight Nuts and Nut Butters are a perfect choice.

It contain significant amounts of calories in a small serving.
Nuts (Image Source – Google)

It contains significant amounts of calories in a small serving. Two handfuls of almonds or around 18 cashew nuts can provide 160 calories. In fact, almonds contain alpha-tocopherol vitamin E, which helps in preventing free radical damage after heavy workouts. Walnuts offer an amazing combination of monounsaturated fats, phytosterols, and the amino acid I-Arginine.

Just one small handful of almonds contains over 7 grams of protein and 18 grams of healthy fats. Since they are very calorie-dense, just two handfuls per day with a meal or as a snack can quickly add hundreds of calories. “Nuts have gotten a bad reputation for their total fat content. But nutrition science suggests that the quality—not quantity—of fat is what is most important to our health,” says Jackie Newgent, RDN, and author of The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook.

Nut butter can also be added to a variety of snacks or dishes, such as smoothies, yogurts and much more. However, make sure you pick 100% nut butter. Also, they should have only two or three ingredients and no added sugar or extra oils. So, friends, this is the list of some grasping healthy fatty foods.

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