Follow These Simple Tricks To Achieve a Physically Fit Body!!!!

Everyone wants to have a good and physically fit body. They don’t have time for the Gym workout. It happens that you started your workout only for few days but you don’t follow it regularly.

Therefore I am here suggesting you some amazing tricks that you need to follow. I will also explain how they help you to live a longer life.

Go for Run

Every morning you can go for a run. The running will not only improve your blood circulation but it will also keep your blood pressure in check.

Running Keeps your body Physically fit.
Best exercise to attain physically fit body: Running (Image Source: Google)


As we know that the blood pressure has become a common problem today. The main reason is the lack of physical activities. It comes in your life slowly.


Do exercise regularly to achieve a physically fit body

Exercise not only makes you feel better and physically fit
Exercise Daily (Image Source: Google)

Exercise not only makes you feel better and physically fit but it also helps to maintain a proper body shape. The most important one is exercise increases sustainability of autophagy. Autophagy is a process which removes the unwanted waste materials from your body cells. So do you know why we  grew old ? Is it possible to slow down your aging so as to you live a longer life ? The answer is Yes.

There is a process called autophagy which is found  almost every cells in our body. The purpose of autophagy is to remove unwanted organelles and waste to recycle your cells. We looks younger as far as our cells have autophagy. As when the autophagy decreases in our cells we started to show the aging effects like reduction in our muscles, reduction in the bone density.

The cells with the lack of autophagy will die because it has contaminated with waste. This provide a strong reason that why we all have to die one day.


Take a proper diet

Take a proper and nutritious diet to stay fit.
Proper Diet

Do you know that we actually don’t know how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. We eat too much at the night and we are taking only breakfast in the morning. This is what we are doing wrong here. Once you think about it. what you are actually doing.

When you need energy to do work you are taking only breakfast and when you don’t need energy you eat too much. As we all follow this routine we don’t know even how to eat. So let’s see here whats happening in your body when you do this. You eat much of food and then you go for bed. As you have much energy consumed here but you are not using it.

It will increase your weight. The most wrong it will do is that it will eliminate your cells with lots of protein and fats. This time you are not going to do any physical activity. This tend to decrease autophagy.


Know what you should eat

For a physically fit body we need more and more fibre rich foods and vitamin rich fruits.
Eat Fiber-rich foods

We are eating much and much fatty foods and are not taking care of our digestive system. We don’t have the understanding of our digestive system. However We are eating too much fats and we don’t know how our digestive system will respond. Our digestive system need more and more fibre rich foods and vitamin rich fruits.

Know what steps you need to take

These following steps you need to follow to achieve physically fit body :-

1. Go for run every morning to keep your blood pressure in check.

2. Make a routine and do the exercises regularly to keep aging effects in check.

3. You should not eat much before going to the bed and opposite to that eat properly in the morning so you will feel energetic all the time.

4. Know what you should eat. Don’t eat much fatty foods. You need to include  fiber rich foods and vitamins rich fruits in your diet.

Think positively to stay have a healthy heart and mind.

keep positive thinking

For achieving good personality you need to do something. You only achieve in your life when you started your work to achieve it.

Thank you.

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