Pro-Talks: Insider Tips To Succeed In Your Job Interview

A job interview is the last stage in the job seeking process. It is the most crucial step and is all about making your first impression.

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It is a vital part of the job search process because it is the opportunity for the employer to figure out the right person for the right place.

But that is where we come. Here we are going to share some tips with you which most certainly can earn you your dream job.

1. Rehearse Before

Rehearse before Interview
Rehearse before Interview

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Rehearsal is essential part of getting a job. Always practice before you go for your job interview.

Just like that presentation you gave when you were a child. Practice before the real job interview.

And we all have heard the phrase “practice makes a person perfect.”

2. Research before job interview

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You should know about the company. So before entering the job interview, this is another task you should complete.

  • Gather as much information as you can on the company.
  • Try to know your job-profile and CTC offered also.

This can help you a great deal before and during a job interview.

3. Look like you mean business

Dress to Impress in job interview
Dress to Impress

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  • Your dress should tally with the profile you are going to be interviewed for.
  • No wardrobe malfunction allowed here.
  • Try to gather information on company’s work culture and then select your clothes
  • The most important part of your appearance is your smile. Remeber to wear that!
  • And no finger tapping or any nervous gestures are allowed.
  • Try to wear your confidence!

4.Master the art of meet and greet

Meet the interviewer with firm handshake
Meet the interviewer with firm handshake

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How you greet people reveals a great deal about you–your confidence, your attitude, and your polish.

  • Maintain an open posture when shaking hands, smile, make eye contact, and say your first and last name.
  • When meeting someone for the first time, always try to say their name as you shake hands and use an honorific (Mr. Ms., Mrs., Dr., Gen.) and their last name.

This art you must master to gain success!

5.Body Language

Body Language during an interview
Body Language during an interview

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Last but most certainly not least, Your body language speaks volumes about you. Employers interpret your attitude and interest in the job vacancy and in their company through your body language, just as they do from your smile and your words.

  • Sit up straight and plant your feet firmly on the floor during an interview. You may think that a relaxed pose will show your confidence, but it shows, instead, a lack of respect or interest.
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  • Don’t sit with both hands in your lap beneath the table–you will look like a nervous child. Rest an arm on the arm of your chair or on the table.

You must control your body language and guide it in such a way that can be beneficial for you.

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Lastly, I would like to say all the best to everyone. May you all get your desired jobs.





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