Fish Research In Pennsylvania Shows Some Interesting Results

A new research has come to light. It states that if your child takes fish at least once a week, his IQ shall rise. And that too by a massive 5 points in the Wechsler Intelligence Scale. So let us know something more about this incredible discovery.

  • Fish Research at Pennsylvania

As per a recent Research on Fishes in Pennsylvania University consuming Fishes will increase your IQ.
Research at Pennsylvania University (Image source-Google)

This research was carried out at the University Of Pennsylvania. Where over 541 Chinese children were involved. Can you believe it? 541 kids. And their ages ranged between 9 to 11. They were questioned by the researchers as to how frequently did they have fishes in the last 4 weeks? Options were laid down from ‘never’ to ‘once a week’.

  • IQ Test and its findings

Consuming Fish Increase IQ in children
Eating Fish makes kids brighter (Image source-Google)

After answering the question these kids were given an IQ test. And you will be surprised to see the outcomes of this test. The test proves that the kids who consume fish at least once a week have an IQ about 5 points higher than those who don’t consume fishes. And kids who consume it occasionally, still have an IQ about 3.3 points higher. So now, do you believe that eating it can help your kid?

  • Additional Benefit

Eating Fish helps your kid to have sound sleep.
Fish helps to have a sound sleep (Image source-Google)

It is also known that having it results in lesser sleep disturbances in your kid. Which means that your kid gets a nice, sound and undisturbed sleep. And a nice sleep leads to a calmer mind.

  • Official Statement

fish consumption has really positive health benefits and should be something more heavily advertised and promoted
It should be introduced in the diet of kids (Image source-Google)

“This research adds to the growing body of evidence showing that fish consumption has really positive health benefits and should be something more heavily advertised and promoted,” said Prof. Jennifer Pinto-Martinon. She is the executive director of Penn’s Center for Public Health Initiatives.

She also mentioned that fish should be introduced into kids diet as soon as possible. So this research clearly states how much is fish important in your child’s diet. It can help him have a higher IQ and have better sleep. It can help your kid have a bright future. So when are you planning on introducing it into his diet?

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