Head Transplant Successful!!! Read the story of world’s First Successful Human Head Transplant.

Human Head Transplant! It is something that seemed impossible a few years ago. But not anymore. Human Head Transplant project has achieved success now.

  • Where and How did this head transplant occur?

Dr Xiaoping Ren behind the Successful human head transplant
Dr. Xiaoping Ren behind the success of a human head transplant. (Image source-Google)

This epic event took place in an operation theatre in China. The operation was carried out by a team at Harbin Medical University. This team was headed by Dr. Xiaoping Ren which comprised of 18 expert surgeons.

  • Use of a corpse

Successful connection of spine, nerves and blood vessels during human head transplant
Successful connection of spine, nerves and blood vessels. (Image source-Google)

The experiment was performed on a corpse. This finally exposed the possibilities of successfully reconnecting the spine, nerves and blood vessels. This has certainly risen the bar for explorations in the field of surgery.

  • Backstory

Successful head transplant of mice
Head transplant performed on mice (Image source-Google)

Human Head Transplant didn’t happen just like that. Many operations were previously performed on monkeys and mice. Last year, Dr. Xiaoping Ren successful did a head swap on a monkey. This is not it. He has performed over 1000 head transplants on mice.

  • To be coming soon

Image if upcoming human head transplant to be attempted by team of Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group
Upcoming human head transplant (Image source-Google)

The most epic accomplishment of human history came to light when Italian Professor Sergio Canavero announced the team’s success. He also mentioned that a similar operation on a living breathing human being is due shortly. Stay tuned for more.

  • A speed breaker

Valery Spiridonov was to undergo first human head transplant surgery.
Valery Spiridonov was to undergo first human head transplant Image source-Google

Dr. Sergio Canavero was planning on performing the world’s first human had transplant on a living subject, Russian Valery Spiridonov. But failed because of Spiridonov sufferer from a muscle wasting disease. He declared that he would be unable to be a part of this experiment. A little speed breaker. But don’t worry, the path of success has many speed breakers.

This is a breakthrough in the medical field. Think of all the doors of possibilities that this success has opened for us. The world is progressing towards a greater tomorrow.

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