Festival Time: Why They Say “Bura Na Mano Holi Hain”?

Holi- The union of colours and camaraderie

Finally, that time of the year has arrived when we celebrate the blossoming of nature and welcome spring. The warmth spreading after the cold and harsh winter is readily enjoyable to all. This is the moment when one of the most important festivals of India i.e, Holi commemoration takes place in different states of India. It is a festival of colours signifying human bonds of trust, friendship, love, and hope. Holi has many names throughout India such as Dol, Rangwali HoliDhuletiDhulandi, Vasant Utsav, and Phagwah. Also, a common mythological belief is that the victory of good over evil prevails on its celebration. It is the day when Lord Krishna and Radha played Holi together to celebrate their divine love. Now that tradition is being carried out for generations and the Holi craze stays nearly for two to three days.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna_Radhe

Holi Hain!

People play with colours (gulal) and water, colour filled balloons and pichkari(a hand pumped device) to thwart colours. Its exciting for everyone especially the kids and young people. They sprinkle gulal, throw balloons and coloured water to each other and make it dramatic. Sometimes the kids splash colours to the passers-by and acquaintances as well.


Ideally, the ambiance of Holi has to be cozy and bosom so that none feels bad or angry about the colour play. “Bura Na Mano Holi Hain” is that statement to justify the extreme playfulness with the hustle and bustle amongst people. The tentative translation of the phrase can be “Don’t mind today, let us be frank”. Therefore the festival also marks for mending broken relations and hearts. To forget and forgive old scratches people distribute sweets like gujiya, rasgulla and have bhang (a rich intoxicated drink) together. They sing songs, dance in full swing, share laughter, crack jokes in a mood of jovialty and joy.

Holi-Festival Glimpse

Festival of Holi as a terror play!!!

Holi being the festival of colours bring closeness and camaraderie among friends, family, and neighborhood. On the other side of society, this festival has turned into a terror. It is of use to the hooligans as a mode of bloodshed and other dark activities. In the recent times the phrase “Bura Na Mano Holi Hain” is misconstrued because many men are taking advantage of these words. Holi has now become panicky for Indian women of becoming victims. The criminals take the liberty of women and children, involve in molestation, rape, violence in the name of “Bura Na Mano Holi Hain”. Its a shame on us that the level of perversion has even occupied the holy festivals where positivity and joy are supposed to spread.

Holi- Unity and Hope

In the first place, people eagerly wait for this very day to be happy and merry. Moreover, the purpose of celebrating festivals is to immediately lift up the spirits and immerse in bright positivity. For commoners, it is to soak themselves into the enjoyment and madness of different shades of colours. Let us not lose the holy spirit of making Holi. Take a pledge to raise our voice, take actions to fight the evil and make the Holi most meaningful. Let us play a soulful, heart to heart Holi where child, women, and men everyone can make peace.

Happy and safe Holi to all!


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