Fat Shaming By Doctors And Its Impact On Patients

Is It Correct For Doctors To Treat Fat/Obese People


Fat shaming is very becoming very common in our world. Being Fat or obese is not a condition anyone wants to be in. In our world, where everyone is crazy about size zero or model figure. If you have fat/obese you are already in too much trouble.

From peers to society, from school to offices or relatives to family. Everyone you meet has to say something about your weight.

Insecurities of Obese/Fat people
Insecurities of Obese/Fat people.

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Sometimes, people take a step ahead and start giving you solutions.For Example, there was this friend of my uncle he was so fat but then he did this and now. He is the perfect example of a real life model. Maybe you should try this also.

Now, there is one place where you would think these discriminations would stop. That would be Doctor’s clinic. Doctors help in protecting life from various outward sources. But when the same doctors start behaving differently then.

As an obese patient, you already are insecure about yourself. Then your doctor also starts the discrimination. Well, that won’t be nice for you emotionally or mentally.

Impact of Doctor’s behavior

Doctor Treating an Obese Patients.
Doctor Treating an Obese Patients.

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Discrimination by doctors can be one of the evilest things for an obese person.

Doctors sometimes use negative comments and such to motivate the person to lose weight.But the result of this type of motivation is not what they expect.Patients feel more insecure and sad and stop visiting the doctor.

If a patient is overweight or obese and their size is a major threat to their health, it is possible to inspire them to alter behavior and slim down without fat shaming or negative comments. It all comes down to a doctor’s approach.

Fat shaming and its effect

Fat Shaming By Doctors.
Doctors treating the patient differently.

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Fat shaming by doctors is not acceptable and can be seen as Microaggression by patients.

Acts like refusing to touch an overweight or obese patient, head shaking during exams are not acceptable. Neither making sly comments when entering a person’s weight into the chart as it makes people uncomfortable.

These acts increase the stress level which in result affect the mental and physical health of a person. Confidence plummets and a person doesn’t feel safe at doctor’s office.

Treatment of Obese Patients

Treating Fat in Positive Way.
Weight loss plans.

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During the treatment of obese patients. Doctors mostly blame everything on their weight without proper diagnosis.

People with the fat issue are sometimes excluded from research because of assumption regarding their health.

Since they usually aren’t a part of clinical trials, standard drug dosages that are given to these patients aren’t always suitable.

Fat Shaming.
Expectation and reality.

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Studies have shown frequent underdose among obese patients.Underdosing is a major issue which carries a risk of treatment failure and may promote antimicrobial resistance.

It is not uncommon for healthcare providers to fail to take overweight patient’s complaints seriously.

This happens primarily because doctors blame all these complaints to someone’s weight, which is wrong on so many levels.

Just because a person is overweight/obese it doesn’t automatically indicate all their health problems stem from their size.

This result in misdiagnosis or inadequate access to proper healthcare among obese people.

Fat-shaming and negative attitudes toward overweight/obese individuals lead to mental and physical harm. Patients experience mental distress and they are also untreated.


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Today we just ask doctors to reconsider their approach in treating obese patients.

Also, it is necessary for physicians to stop assuming overweight patients’ complaints are only due to their weight and stop discriminating those who seek medical help based on their size.



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