Fake Vs. Real Brands That Can Deceive Anyone!

This world is full of fake thoughts, fake people and of course fake products. When we are able to figure out that we have been befooled, we have no option except lamenting. Hence, we need to be wise enough to be aware of the authenticity with all the fakes prevailing over. It would be useful for us to sum up some of the fake famous brands that we use in our daily lives. The point is to make us more careful while dealing with these fake brands and not get carried away next time we purchase the things we wish for!

Lacoste polo; A prominent name in the garment section of men and women.  Let us discover what fakers usually forget about it.

Lacoste Alligator: What the fakers forget about Logo.
Lacoste Polo alligator Logo (Image Source: Google)
  • Logo- The green crocodile lies to the side of the buttons, closer to the lower part.  The stitch is separate for the attachment in the classic styles. The crocodile’s body parts are easy to recognize.
  • Side elevations- Men’s T-shirts have small side elevations whereas women’s do not have it.
  • Buttons- Most of all are made of mother-of-pearl. The shapes are usually flat and slightly saddle-like in the middle. There are 2 holes for stitching on the upper and lower parts. Nothing is written on the button.



Levi’s jeans; Lovable to all the generations, this brand is being imitated by some fakers!


  • Buttons-  Metal pin buttons carry a rustic look. On its flat top, the Levi Strauss Signature is impressed. The other side displays the style serial number. Studs are made of copper sometimes covered with enamel.  On the other side, it has a serial number inside out.
  • Back pocket arc, tab, and patch-  Except the rare Authentics Signature, most of all styles are of Arc-shaped stitching on the back pocket. The Levi’s signature on the tab is written with a lower case letter“e“  whereas in duplicates they use an uppercase ”E” or it is only seen in exclusive models. The serial number on the patch is seen inside the tissue belt for the fake ones.levis

Victoria’s Secret bathing suit; China or Sri Lanka are the manufacturing countries of this brand. A clear beware signal for lingerie adorers!

bikini 1

  • Cloth- Generally all the bathing suits are made of double cloth. Styles in single colours are checked by pulling the upper layer and the backside at the same time in different directions.
  • Size chart and tags-  5 main sizes of bathing suits are available in XS, S, M, L, and XL. Usually, S, M, and L are duplicated. For boned bra set, the size is depicted the same way as on the original underwear unit (34А, 34В, etc). Tags are of pink, black, white, or transparent.


Ray-Ban glasses; The famous Ray-Ban brand owners better know the points or, this would cost surely them!

Ray ban

  • Case-Made up of leather cloth, uneven to touch and also has the Ray-Ban logo on the button. There is a distinct stamp to the left of the button. The case contains a black velour inside.  The front cover of the case is rough compared to the back.
  • Glasses- The left glass of all models has a permanent Ray-Ban label and the right glass has a laser engraved print either from the inside or the outside.
  • Arms- The left arm shows a serial number beginning with RB containing information like the colour of the glasses, the level of dimming, the lens diameter, and the nose bridge size. The right arm contains the model name, the label with the European standards of safety, and the letter marking the producing factory.


Rolex watch; One of the most expensive watch brands, hoaxes did not fail to mimic this too!

rol1 fake

  • Clockface- Generally, the material used here is sapphire glass. A drop of water when put on it, will remain as it is. The calendar box has an upward rise. For all the models produced post-2002, the reverse side of the glass has a small crown picture near the number 6.
  • Second’s hand- The second’s hand is smooth with no jumps, even while moving, one won’t hear the tick-tock sound.
  • Back panel- Original models always own a metallic cover with the serial number and the label engraved on it. The Rolex copies often have a transparent back panel.


Christian Louboutin shoes; The favorite brand among the stiletto fans. Let us see what are the points to check:

stiletto sole are always red and Bright in colour and have size brand stamped clearly.

  • The sole and insoles- The sole is always red in colour and it is solid, bright and clear. The size, make and label are always stamped showing the markings like  “Christian Louboutin,“ ”Made in Italy” etc. The ”Christian Louboutin” writing is embossed and in addition, sometimes the leather models have the “Vero Cuoio” writing.
  • Layout-  The layout is such that when the shoes are placed on an even surface, the toes and heels of original shoes will be on the same level that makes the foot tightly hold the ground.
  • Heels -The trademark of the brand doesn’t allow the heels and side parts to be high and are distinctively curved. The cloth on the heels and the whole part of the shoe have to be of the same material.


Converse sneakers; The fun and funky converse sneakers are trendy to youngsters and what one needs to look out are:

Make Sure laces are tied before you purchase a Converse sneaker.

  • Layout- The sole is minimum 1.18 inches high from the ground level. The reverse side displays the “ALL STAR“ sign; also a star in the middle of the writing is sometimes accompanied by the letter “R”. The shoelaces of the Converse sneakers are always tied.
  • Tongue tag- There is a sticker on the reverse side of the tongue. It is raised to the touch whereas the copies have only a piece of paper. The upper part has 2 broad stitches. The tag has a serial number that comprises 6 characters.


Air Max sports shoes; One who has a fetish for physical activities would find these sports shoe ideal. Hence verifying the ingenuity is necessary as well!

nike 1

  • Air chamber- Original shoes have an air chamber beneath the transparent cover of plastic.For checking the module, it is necessary to press it. If its hard to push, and the module quickly returns to its initial shape then its original piece. Fakers usually don’t keep any air modules under the plastic.
  • The tongue tag and the sole-   All Air Max models are attached thermally to the tags. Hence there is no thread at all( post-2008). The serial number is 6 characters code; the next 3 characters depicts the colour coding. The sole is dimmed slightly which is made with high-quality gum.

Nike Airmax have air module beneath the sole.

Samsung phones; every time we see a phone in hand chances are of being Samsung. It’s needless to say about the popularity of the brand. The number of fake products is also increasing day by day. Therefore the checkpoints may be:

The Important points to identify between real and Fake Phones.

  • The display- AMOLED displays are common for most models. Generally, the black coloured models are the brightest black. Fake products can be of grey, blue, or brown.
  • Code running- If you input the *#7353# code, the original Samsung Galaxy will open a special application testing menu. The *#0*# combination will test the screen, the speakers, and other functions of the phone.
  • ID numbers- The table under the battery contains the model code, the serial number, and the IMEI. If you input *#06#, the screen will show you the IMEI, plus the serial number. However, this method works for some of the models, not all.


Apple EarPods earphones; The brand sports a catchy logo beside its unique properties and the people go mad over one of those in the pocket, be it a mainline product or accessory…


  • Layout- The EarPods look fuller in shape, though there is no brazing. There is a metallic hatch on the speakers.Fakers use the plastic made hatches and they don’t put any Left/Right symbols.
  • The Package- It weighs around 1.8 oz including the productIf the box is of plastic then they are original earphones. Originals have a blue tint, while the duplicates are usually yellow in colour.


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