Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Evelyn Sharma

With regards to all things fashion, model, and actor Evelyn Sharma, is right at the highest point of her game. This half-German half-Indian beauty puts this down to the fact that while growing up in Germany, her most loved past time was sitting with her friends and poring over fashion magazine while bringing some tea. There’s no denying that her sartorial style has immensely benefitted from this and white is a much-loved shading for her.

1) Her Origins

Evelyn Sharma , Bollywood ActressEvelyn Sharma was born to an Indian Punjabi father and a German mother. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany and she moved to London for her advanced education.

2) She is no stranger to glamor

Evelyn Sharma , Bollywood Actress ,

When she lived in the UK, she had shot for different brands. She even shot for an Indian Lingerie brand. With a figure that way, she couldn’t have been any more perfect for it!

3) Her initially films



Evelyn Sharma , Bollywood Actress , Ranbir Kapoor , Yeh Jawani hai Deewani

‘Turn Left’ was an English movie which was Evelyn’s debut film at 20 years old! After a successful modeling keeps running in the UK, she headed to India and featured her first Bollywood film, “From Sydney With Love.’

4) She can talk eight different languages!


Evelyn Sharma , Bollywood Actress , Beautiful

So you can solicit her out in any from those eight languages which include Thai and Dutch too! “Poochne Mein Kya jati hai” coined for such situations, all things considered!

5) She went topless!


Evelyn Sharma , Bollywood Actress , Topless

Arguments found their way into Evelyn’s life when she posed naked for “Krunch” Magazine. What’s best is that the magazine picked up popularity because of her, as opposed to the different way!

6) Her fitness insider facts!

Evelyn Sharma , Bollywood Actress , Fitness

Her tips to that blistering hot body are easy: Do yoga, dance and indulge in some bad-to-the-bone kick-boxing! Feel inspired yet?


Evelyn Sharma , Bollywood Actress , The best one for the last! At present concentrated on her vocation, Evelyn says that she has no time for love. Never say never, darling!

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