Experience The First 4DX Theatre In Delhi

Very Good news for the Movie Lovers!! Delhi gets its first 4DX Theatre. Now you can feel what you watch. Now old cinema days are gone, where you have to sit silently and watch a movie with no any life experiences. India has now 4DX Theatre that give you live movie experience. While watching the movies, you will feel a different kind of experience. Making your movie experience more exciting and fun, PVR Cinemas launched their first 4DX Theatre in Delhi.

4DX Theatre In India

In India, only two 4DX screen are currently available-PVR has one in Noida and another one in Mumbai. The PVR specific mall gives a facility to watchers to actually feel the movie and experience all kind of movements that are taking place in a movie. 4DX is a technology that transforms simple old cinema into an extraordinary facilities movie Theatre.

Pvr's 4DX Theatre
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Just imagine yourself in a movie theatre with seats that do motion when vehicle overturns in a movie. Special Effects like lightning, water, rain even snow too. It would be amazing to feel the wind blowing in your face and feel the monsoon season while raining. Currently, there are only Screening of two Hollywood movies -Black Panther and Tomb Raider in the 4DX Theater Delhi.

4DX Theatre
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Last year, a PVR’s officials had said that the company was planning to increase the 4DX screens to 21 by investing 70 crores in coming years. They have sighed deal with South Korea so as to add 16 more screens.

Ajay Bijli who is the founder of PVR Cinemas stated that “4DX offers an experience that is not only impossible to replicate at home but also enhances the overall viewing experience”, Ajay Bijli added. “With more global exposure, the expectations of audiences are increasing. They are looking for added experiences that supplement the on-screen viewing.”

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