Most Expensive gifts, gifted by Bollywood Celebrity

Bollywood Celebrities earn a lot and spend like a King. Be it a party or Gifting their loved ones. When money is not something to worry about, the gift could be huge and highly Unexpected. Here are some of the Expensive gifts, gifted by Bollywood Celebrities:

1. Holiday Home at Baverly Hills:

Amir Khan, the Perfectionist of Bollywood, who tends to do unbelievable stuff, has bought this Expensive gift for his love one. This beautiful holiday home at Baverly Hills in Mumbai is a luxurious spot which cost a handsome amount of Rs. 75 crore. Spending this amount on a gift depicts how Rich and loving he is.

Aamir, Expensive

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2. Flat in Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world with all the modern amenities installed. Many dream of owning a flat in Burj Khalifa and Shilpa Shetty owns it. Her husband Raj Kundra gifted his beautiful wife the stunning apartment in Burj Khalifa showing his love and affection to her. The apartment is worth 50 Crores.

Shilpa, Expensive

Source: Emirates

3. BMW 7 Series Sedan:

Shahrukh Khan showed his status and why is he called the King of Bollywood when he gifted his core members of the movie “R.A.1” with brand new BMW 7 series cars. It was the first time in the history of Bollywood that someone gifted so many people at the same time. The gift being worth $10million.

Shahrukh, Expensive

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4. Rolls Royce Phantom:

The love of Salman Khan for his only sister Arpita Khan is not hidden from anybody after how much he spent on her marriage. Being the only sister, she is blessed with gifts now and then by her brothers. On her wedding, Salman gifted her a Rolls Royce Phantom in white color which cost around Rs. 3.5 Crore. The luxurious car was an expensive one which Salman gifted his baby sister on her D-Day.

Salman, Expensive

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