Most Expensive Bollywood Costumes ever

We are aware that movie making is no cheap business especially costumes. Each film that we see unravel beautifully on screen has that much more money put into making it that good. From the sets to the mega star casts, each and everything is carefully selected and it cost millions to the producers. There are so many movies in which special attention is paid to the costumes that the Bollywood stars wear and some of those make us swoon, they are so beautiful. But i bet you cannot guess the price of the eye popping costumes that the celebs wore!

Here is the list of few expensive costumes celebrities ever wore….


The actor put an insane amount into his Ra.One costume which costs a whooping 4.5 crores! And he had 20 of those especially made!

Jodha Akbar

Aishwarya looked like a true blue Mughal queen in the movie and each of her attires cost roughly 2 lakhs!

Singh Is Bling!!!

A pure gold turban for the film was Rs. 65 lakhs in worth!


With a especially designed armor for the movie, Salman wore 6 costumes in the movie that cost 20 lakh rupees each!


Rajinikanth’s Robot costumes were especially designed by Manish Malhotra and Mary. E. Vogt and were worth Rs. 3 crores each!


These are just most expensive costumes used in films but we can also see more expensive than these in the wedding parties. Once Mallika Sharavath used a diamond studded dress in a private dance show. Surprised!!!!! Celebs have no limit to fashion and money these days. Producers are also spending whooping amounts to make their movie bring billions. There are more to come in near future. That’s actual tactic behind the big blockbusters.!!! who knows……

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written by : M. Nitin kumar.

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