How Long You Need To Exercise To Burn Off 2 Slices Of Pizza?

Pizza lovers can’t resist pizza. Have you ever savored a pizza while on a diet routine? We all have felt guilty about our little cheat meal at one time or another. But, do you really think it is worth feeling guilty for?

Pizza Cheat meal exercise
Love pizza huh?

If you just had it out of your diet plan, don’t worry!! We have a plan for you to go back to your healthy lifestyle. Firstly, you must know how many calories are there to burn if you had 2 slices of pizza.

1. Cheese Burst Pizza – 745 Calories

2. Pan Tossed Pizza    – 570 Calories

3. Thin Crust Pizza     – 460 Calories

Maybe you feel a little off after reading the corresponding number of calories. But here is a list which will surely make you feel better and less guilty about your cheat treat.

1. Jogging

Jogging to burn off extra calories

A pizza won’t harm you much if you are a regular runner. But if you are a newbie, it can affect your strength. If you had cheese burst, you are in for a marathon. You will have to jog for almost an hour so as to get rid of those 745 calories.

For a pan tossed one, jogging is the best alternative. A vigorous 30 minutes jog will burn off the calories quicker than any other form of exercise. Burning off thin crust calories should be a gentle deal for habitude runners. But for a starter, 30 minutes jog would be sufficient.

2. Cycling

Cycling to burn off extra pizza calories

It’s time to get back to your favorite childhood activity. A cheese burst cheats demands about an hour of cycling. Along with that, a 15 minutes jog is recommended so as to keep your blood pumping.

Vigorous cycling for 45 minutes is suggested, in order to burn off the pan tossed calories. You can burn 400 calories off your thin crust pizza easily. You just have to cycle slowly for an hour.

3. Yoga

Burn off extra pizza calories with yoga

Yoga is really effective, but it requires more effort than usual. For a cheese burst, i.e… 745 calories, 2 hours of hot or Bikram yoga would do. Moreover, you should include at least 12 Suryanamaskars.

A pan tossed pizza will cost you 1.5 hours of power yoga. For a thin crust pizza, one hour of yoga is sufficient. Remember to include at least 20 Suryanamaskars and lower abdomen exercise in this practice.

4. Dance

Dancing to burn off extra calories

Dancing is an extremely fun way to get rid off those pizza calories. It will make you forget they you are exercising. You can opt for any dance form accordingly. For the cheese burst you had, you will have to spend at least 2 hours of non-stop dancing. You can go for bhangra, hip-hop, Zumba and even Bollywood dancing.

For pan tossed slices you will have to dance for 1.5 hours. Play a dope song and dance of its beats as fast as you can. The 460 calories of thin crust pizza are not hard to beat. Especially if you are a dancing bee. Just go grooving around for an hour and cut those calories off.

5. Gymming

Gym workouts to burn off extra calories

High-intensity weight training proves better in burning calories as compared to running. Therefore, if you want to cut off those extra calories real quick, head straight to the gym.

Two hours of the gym will help you lose approximately 600 calories. This will completely cover up your cheese burst pizza treat. But, the session must include strength, weight and resistance training (along with a cardio warm-up).

For pan tossed pizza you will have to hustle for an hour in the gym. Finally, conclude the session with 30 minutes of stretching. If you are a gym freak, you don’t even have to worry about the extra thin crust calories. But if you are new, at least 20 minutes of cardio will burn off the 460 calories of thin crust pizza.

6. Walking

Vigorous walking to burn off extra calories

We know it’s difficult to pull off extra time. Especially, if you have a busy routine. In such a case, walking is an extremely effective exercise to get rid of those extra calories. You don’t have to be in a hurry while you walk. Also, you can do it anywhere and anytime.

If you had a cheese burst slice, walk vigorously for at least 2 hours. Please note that it is important to stretch before you begin. To burn the pan tossed calories, walk off a distance of 10 kilometers without stopping.

A thin crust pizza treat won’t trouble you much. You can easily cover the extra calories by walking at a normal pace for about an hour. Now that you know the ways to get rid of calories quickly, you can surprise yourself with a little treat anytime you want.

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