Exams Time:7 Best Ways To Earn Good Marks

Score your best in the exams ahead…

It is very common that many of us are unable to overcome the fear factor surrounding exams. But if one can get in the rhythm of the body and mind together then the hardest exams of life can be succeeded. Every year lots of exams are being held throughout the institutions and in the professional arena. Here are some really cool tips to crack an exam and get the best out of it. Hope all those appearing for any sort of exams will find it fruitful.


Instead, of panicking at the thought of exam, just get started and give the most of your time to study. Never leave it to the last minute. Therefore make a time schedule and estimate how much time you need for each subject. Refrain from any sort of distractions such as addictive computer games and unnecessary social networking. Keep the study table clean and choose a comfortable place with sufficient light coming in for proper focus. Some people choose complete silence environment, for others, background music helps. You can study a little each day if you condense your time using flowcharts and diagrams for revision.


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Why not take the sample version of the tests available by own? Practicing the test papers will not only help you understand the format of the questions but also will also help you enhance your timing. It can evaluate your present state thus helping in self-improvement. It’ll provide you with the variety of questions and boost up confidence. Hence start collecting test papers and sit for mock tests. Keep a target of how many times can you sit for mock tests.


Rather than just studying solo don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for clarification on a topic you’re struggling with. Also, the teachers need not be particularly from your institution, but anyone with the subject specialization can help you out. Don’t hesitate to ask them to talk you through it.

Moreover, after preparation, try to explain your answers to others. This a very effective way of remembering the answers. Your siblings, friends and your familiar ones can be of help, use them to listen to your answer. In this way, you will get it clear in your head and also enables you to work on the part that needs attention. Don’t panic in silence when you have people around you acting as a support network around. Moral support and motivation are necessary to win in every battle. 


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Get up early and enjoy the bright morning. Eat breakfast made up of nutritious foods that will aid in concentration and memory. the same routine applies for the exam days too. Berries, nuts, fish are to name a few including in the meals. Hunger will slow down your brain, plus with the hard work, your stomach needs to be fed well and avoid the shortage of energy. Also stay hydrated throughout the exam days Rest is good for your brain to be productive. A full eight hours sleep each night and avoid studying until the early hours. Sleep is vital to exam success. Get plenty of sleep and hope for the best


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Exam stress is perfectly normal and in fact, a bit of stress can be a positive motivator. However, too much of stress can negatively affect your brain. Cramming the night before the exam day can subsequently reduce your performance. Certainly, it is not the way to guarantee a good mark. Hence, taking regular breaks, exercising and warming up daily is very necessary. Another way of relieving stress is meditating that will calm down the mind and listening to the melodies for some time every day. Needless to say, spending time relaxing with friends is not a good idea before exams. If you begin to feel frustrated or overwhelmed, your brain might need a break and its recommended to take small breaks after every 45 minutes.


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Settle down and pack everything you need such as pens, pencils, a calculator and water into the bag. Check all the rules and requirements, plan the route and journey time. Don’t wait for the day before, this way you can avoid the last minute rush the next day. Try to reach the exam venue before time and get tension free. Also, make sure to wear comfortable clothes during the exam days. Take proper precautions because you don’t know how warm or cold the exam room will be. You may take the umbrella, sunglass, sufficient money, know an alternative route depending on the weather and road situation


While waiting outside the exam hall, avoid discussing things that you’ve studied seldom or with your friends. It can agitate you in the last few minutes before the exam. Keep your calm before and after entering the hall, take deep breaths and avoid looking at your notes. Once you are inside,  remain focused, read the exam instructions very carefully. Keep an eye on the clock accordingly.

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If you are unable to the answer a question, don’t waste time there and return to it at last. Never leave the exam hall early no matter how swift you are. Use your time to fully complete and relook your answers. Only you can do best if you think you can. Hence, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Good day and All the best!

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