The Ex-Cricketers Strongly Opposes Bhuvneshwar Exclusion!

In the centurion test series Virat Kohli replace Bhuvneshwar  Kumar with Ishant Sharma. Virat Kohli after winning the toss declared Bhuvi exclusion. It was not a good decision fo the Indian team. In this test match, South Africa win the match by 135 runs.

Virat Kohli after winning the toss declared Bhuvneshwar Kumar exclusion.
Virat Kohli

How ex-cricketers react

The ex-cricketers opposes strongly against the decision made by Kohli. Kohli decided to replace Bhuvneshwar Kumar with Ishant Sharma. In fact, this was a wrong decision made by Kohli. Bhuvi was performing outstanding and he was in the form to play the series. Everyone was expecting that the Bhuvneshwar will perform well in other series also. But the decision hurt the Bhuvneshwar self-confidence. While the Ishant was not playing for the test series so giving him a chance to play doesn’t make any sense.

Bhuvi an excellent and in form pacer of Indian cricket team.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Reason Behind to replace Bhuvneshwar Kumar

 The logic behind this exclusion is that the Ishant Sharma is good in bouncing the ball and also because of his height, he has given a chance to play. However, we can’t say that only Ishant is a good bowler as he is good in bouncing the ball but Bhuvi is also a good player. Everything was going well but Kohli exclusion of Bhuvneshwar Kumar shocked everyone.

Bhuvneshwar KUmar got excluded from final playing Eleven against South Africa.
India Vs South Africa (Image Source: Google)

Who else gets eliminated

The Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma were also eliminated by Kohli from the series. This was also another decision taken by Kohli. The reason was just that they were not good in  Short- pitch playing. As we know that 1 or 2 innings may go unfavorably for any batsman. Thereby they should not be eliminated on this basis only. This is also true that 1 or 2 innings were also unfavorable for Kohli in his previous matches. So accordingly he should also be dropped out. The rule should be equally applicable for all.


Let’s see who will win?Next few days will reveal who will win the test series.

Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit should be given their chance. As they can score quickly in the series. Kohli decision to replace Bhuvneshwar Kumar has created a positive environment for South Africa and everything is going in the favor of South Africa. It is now a challenge for team India to score and win.


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