E-Cigarettes Help You Quit, But How Often Should You Use?

E-cigarettes are a great source of help to smokers who are willing to quit. But a new analysis in the US has found out that the number of times you use them plays a major role in the success ratio. The TUS-CPS team has carried out a survey of 24,500 people who are or have been smokers. In the data, it was clear that people using e-cigarettes were more likely to quit than non-users.


The study, however, revealed one important fact. It was that the quit attempts were directly related to the number of days of usage of e-cigarettes. Among those who have tried to quit in the past, the ones that used only one e-cigarette didn’t succeed. But those who have used at least 5 e-cigarettes have successfully quit smoking. The key is to increase the rate consistently by 10% with each additional day.

E-cigarettes are basically a lower mortality-risk version of cigarettes. So naturally, they are an important solution to those who can’t carry out other treatments. Although today the willing quitters are not regular users, the past records are full of reports of the vigorous use of the new product. The study is very arguable and randomly unstable upon this fact. But it definitely has sustained enough proof to declare that improper use can be very dangerous to the health of users.

Benefits Of E-Cigarettes:

e-cigarettes,benefits of e-cigarettes
  • They are free of tobacco, even though they contain nicotine. The absence of tobacco and other harmful chemicals prevents damage of lungs.
  • They come in various strengths of nicotine and come in various flavours to help smokers quit more easily.
  • Once you’ve bought the starter kit, they can be more cost effective than regular cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes tend to provide more energy to the users, along with easier breathing.
  • They don’t produce any ash, smoke or odour. They just emit vapour, which looks like smoke.

-Aayushi Tiwari

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