Do You Know How SMS Marketing Actually Works?

Nowadays, 95% people say that their phone is the most integral part of everyday life. Every one of us keeps mobile devices nearby because of a tendency to check the notifications frequently. While checking those notifications we often come across too many bulks SMS having products information, offers, discounts etc.  For a layman, these bulk SMS Service or bulk SMS marketing means broadcasting or simply sending a same message or information to a wide range of audience in one go.

To be precise, bulk SMS service is the dissemination of a large number of SMS message for delivery to a large number of receivers.  But as a businessman and marketer, we can overlook a whole range of another way that a bulk SMS service might be useful in our business. Since the numbers of cell phone users in India are increasing every day, thus businesses are formulating new strategies to make their marketing plans mobile friendly and, the use of SMS marketing software is become a tried and tested tactic to edge any marketing plan. Let start understanding what bulk SMS Service actually is?

How Do Bulk SMS services work?

SMS marketing
SMS marketing

There are various Software, Plug-in and API (Application Programming Interface) available for sending and receiving a bulk message. In addition, this software provides users with the facility to add as many contacts as required and these can be in a variety of ways. Bulk SMS programs use shortcodes to send high volumes of text messages in a very short period. Generally speaking, the goal of such SMS campaign is to spread the promotional message which may include new products update, new offers and discounts, community interaction and feedback etc.  as updating the potential buyer and user is the key to succeed in today’s trend of digital marketing. Now Bulk SMS is a great option for all business that needs to contact their customers fast, efficiently and cheaply! Text messages have a very high response rate, usually, they are opened within few seconds.

One of the surveys says that the response rates from SMS are 209% higher than from phone calls, Facebook, or email. 29% of targeted customers will respond to text messages and 47% of those responders go on to make a purchase.

Scopes of Bulk SMS Services

Bulk sms service
Bulk SMS service


We can use Bulk SMS Services in a variety of ways, depending on your business:

  • Send your customers a special discount coupon:  as who doesn’t like a special offer coupon?
  • Keep them informed about special arrivals and updates of new products.
  • Keep them informed about special events and weekly promotions.
  • Ask them for their opinion via quick poll – for example about your new product. Preferably using an Excellent/Good/Satisfied/Need to be improved or “1–10” scale.

Things to do for a successful Bulk SMS Service?

When it comes to the Bulk SMS Service, it’s all stripped down to words. No videos, images – only 160 characters to get the recipient’s attention. Each SMS marketing campaign requires its own approach. However, there are some key rules you can follow to get the desired result from your SMS marketing Campaign.

  • Include your company name Customer has to know they have received a text from your business, so add the business name into the text.
  • Use catchy word or phrase Start your text with a catchy word and phrase to engage your prospect and also to the customer.
  • Use a URL shortener – This will save you some characters and make your website link even better.
  • Provide value – No value — no conversion. It’s that simple. You have to offer something valuable to your customer.
  • Opt-out instructions – Make sure the recipients have the opportunity to opt-out. Thus Include the instructions at the end.

Things to be avoided for a successful Bulk SMS Services?

  • Don’t use Text-speak – The message with such text-speak like gr8, nyt, ASAP etc. will devalue your brand.
  • Avoid using abbreviation – Customer might be less familiar with the abbreviation you use.
  • Never use multiple exclamation points and question mark – This will make you seem more desperate.

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