Device that Predicts When You’re Going To Fight With Your partner

Nowadays many couples are familiar with this common situation which get created between many pairs i.e. First; you ask some significant simple question, and their answer doesn’t satisfy you and which makes raise your voice. And finally, before you know it, you both start shouting. How do we never see this coming soon enough to avoid an argument?
While many people lack the self-awareness to stop these tense conversations from emerging between both of them, But technology may do a better job. That’s why researchers at the University of Southern California have invented a wristband that can read your body temperature and heart rate to alert couples when they may need to take a deep breath.

The device is based on huge research factors which lead to predicting a fight between couples. Along with the physiological measures which lead to stress, the scientists also collected data on the language which couples used while argument with each other and the volume of their voices during a routine and stressful talk. After analyzing all that factors, they created an algorithm that’s accurate 86 percent of the time.

All though the device is not available on the market for use, As researchers are keeping it in the research lab to learn more about what leads to arguments between a relationship of two people. “Our goal and hope are to develop technologies for measuring and analyzing human behavioral processes in a natural mindset to improve our scientific understanding of the human condition,” said by the scientist.

Eventually, the gadget will let people know when they could be headed for a fight before it happens.  The scientists are also working to personalize the devices based on what gets each of them calms down.

All though the arguments with your partner can’t always be avoided. But becoming aware of your mental state and getting into a more balanced state which can make you take tough discussions with more productive, So we hope this new technology will become available in market very soon.

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