Deadly habits that seriously affects your kidney

Some habits that can seriously damage your kidneys

Most common habits that damage your kidneys
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Focusing on Kidney, as there is no doubt to ensure that every part of our body plays a very crucial role in our lives and to maintain it in the way it should be.

we should take some preventive measures.

Kidney Plays an important role in our body.
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The kidney is one of those – acting as a filtration system that essentially prevents all the toxins from circulating in your system and damaging all other body parts.

Unfortunately, the kidney is not indestructible.

With a bad lifestyle, your kidney could be damaged beyond repair and unless it is replaced, a not working kidney can significantly shorten your lifespan which may cause hilarious results.

Damage or steady decline of your kidneys can often go unnoticed for years as your kidneys can still do their job with as little as 20% of their capacity.

Therefore kidney diseases are often referred to as “The Silent Diseases”. That’s why it is so important to take care of them before it is too late.

Most common bad habits that damages your kidney.
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Pay attention to a list of some very common habits that put a lot of pressure on your kidneys and can cause serious damage over time.

Too much salt in the diet damage Kidney

Your body needs sodium or salt to work properly which is under some quantity measures.

Most people, however, consume too much salt which may raise blood pressure and put a lot of stress on the kidneys.

As a good rule of thumb, no more than 5 grams of salt should be eaten on a daily basis.

Shutoff the sugar habit

Scientific studies show that people who consume 2 or more sugary drinks a day are more likely to have protein in their urine.

Having protein in your urine is an early sign your kidneys are not doing their job as they should which is the way to deficiencies too.

Not drinking enough water

drinking a lot of water reduces kidney disease
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Water is the most important thing our body needs while working.Your kidney’s most important function is to filter blood and eliminate toxins and waste materials. When you don’t drink enough plain water during the day toxins and the waste material starts to accumulate and can cause severe damage to your body.

Be aware of that juice, coffee, tea, as well as other drinks do not offer the same level of hydration as water. These flavored drinks often contain sugar that taxes the organs more than it offers hydration.

Smoking and Intake of alcohol

Smoking is always on the list of bad habits that can damage the kidney – as well as any other organ in the body. In fact, smoking significantly increases the risk of contracting kidney diseases. Talking about consumption of alcohol, Alcohol stresses the kidneys due to the high amount of ingredients that the organ is incapable of properly processing.

So friends please take care of your health by taking some preventive health-related measures because your life is not only yours because your family is also the biggest part of it.

take good care of your family and your health.
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Take care!!

Thank you!

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