Craziest trends from around the world

Fashion is what the trends are going around the world. But some people go out of the world to look trendy. Here are some of those craziest trends:

1. Mustang Skinline Jeans


Place of Origin: Scandinavia

Purpose: an effort to comprehend the pain girls undergo whenever they wear skinny jeans.

This crazy fashion trend went viral, around 2008 when a video of guys showing off their supra skinny jeans went viral, and yes it was hell creepy to watch. What made them unpleasant to sight was the fact that they were skinny. Also, they were high waisted which is a disastrous combination even now; they were jeggings for men. YIKES!

Nevertheless, Mustang Skinline was the 80s jeans line brand that exists no more; a humble thanks to the Lord Almighty, for the current generation, is spared of an eye sore moment.

2. JewelEye

Image result for extraocular implant, Trends

Place of Origin: Netherlands

Purpose: apparently, to look cool as a cucumber and contract an eye infection and possibly go blind!

Let’s add some science to this trend, starting with the name i.e.; Extraocular Implant developed in the year 2002 as a new form of radical body modification. Shockingly this trend is as real as the hallucinations witnessed by a person with schizophrenia.With the procedure being carried out mainly in Netherlands legally by a specialized ophthalmologist. According to them the implant, which is made up of a platinum alloy, does not interfere with the visual functions, indeed gives a high amount of satisfaction to people with nil side effects.

This technique is severe and drastic, and is definitely not for faint hearted as real guts is required for anyone to deliberately let someone fiddle with their eyes and insert a piece of metal between their eye layers.

3. Animal Hair Hat

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Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Purpose: to profess ardent love for animals?!?

This bizarre trend was set up by Japanese pop artist, Nagi Noda. By crafting beautiful animal shapes from hair- an example of extreme alteration of fascinators to suit the interest of certainly very few individuals who are brave enough to wear this hairstyle in their daily life, for people who don’t mind people’s interminable scrutiny; hats off to their sassiness!


4. Yaeba Teeth

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Place of Origin: Japan

Purpose: Too obsessed with Kirsten Dunst’s original snaggletooth eh!?

Why oh why! is Japan always on the list for some weird trend or the other?

Japanese girls are hit by the obsession to look young and beautiful, so they are spending hundreds of pounds to have a crooked and imperfect smile by attaching mini fangs to their canines. Some with perfectly aligned teeth are so caught up in this trend that they ready to make them less pleasant looking and more childlike which the men, apparently, find attractive.


5. Excessively loose “unnamed” dress

What? Is this not the definition of "home clothes?",Trends

Place of Origin: unidentified…

Purpose: a dream dress for lazy ass sloth teenagers who can rock this look in their room and so at Target.

Cmon!!! Clothes like these were supposed to be for the bedrooms and confined to the four walls only. This trend is like another level of “comfort-wear-taken-to-the-streets”, so much so that the person looks as careless and homeless ever. What is this style even? Is it a dress, a sweatshirt or a yellow bag of garbage, with the red boots making the entire look even more groggy.




6. Facekinis

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Place of Origin: Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

Purpose: to look like freshly released bank robbers on the beach, with an aim to steal people’s happiness by their awful appearance.

Sun radiation can harm the skin real bad and that the protection against this is needed, especially for people with less melanin pigment in their skin as they are prone to severe sunburn BUT it doesn’t mean that the people have to look like complete maniacs set loose.


7. Armadillo boots

Armadillo Shoes, Trends

Place of Origin: Britain

Purpose: they were made for Laddy Gaga and no one else!

They were launched by Alexander McQeen in her Spring 2010 collection and continued to remain the “it” boots of the season for a considerably shorter span of time, considering the renowned brand. Even if you could get your hands on a pair, whether you could walk in them remains an unresolved mystery. However, Guinness proclaims: “They look complicated [to walk in], but they aren’t.” Strangely these extravagantly pricey boots were released at the time of recession but why? As McQueen told The New York Times, “The world needs fantasy, not reality. We have enough reality today.”

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