How To Crack Interviews Using Social Media

Job! Everyone’s desire to get a settled life and achieve their dream list from that starting point. These are few steps to follow to achieve the “Job” using social media. This steps to crack the interview are very crucial to follow at the time of the interview, to end up with a job after graduation.

1. Sensible posts on social media

Out of the 100 employees selected in a company,  according to Forbes, 75% of them are selected by comparing employee’s Social profile. The primary step to follow to not be rejected is by maintaining a proper and legal publishing of posts on social media. Keep your profiles attractive because it makes a judgment on you immediately after seeing the posts that you are involved in.

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2.Choose what social media to be Showcased on your job profile

“Quality over quantity “,   is more important, when you are showcasing your social profile. Prioritize which platform to show in profile. “LINKEDIN” is considered to be the main platform for the employee to participate in. Because “LINKEDIN” defined the ability or interest of one about grasping new information and learning ability.

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3.Your network with people in your field of profession

Connect with members who are related to the profession which you want to grow in. Follow, subscribe and like the Companies and experts in the profession to stay updated with the new updates in the profession. This will let you know new hires and also product development.

Your network with people in your field of profession to crack Interviews
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4.Don’t ask for a job on Social Networks

Don’t ask for a job, keep your professional exchange away from the Social Media. Let your social media reflect your choices and personality and

don’t make it a  job-seeking trial platform.

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5. Time to plan to design job profile:

Plan to yourself to design and work on your profile on one day. To create contacts and join the alumni, another day.  Gather knowledge about the companies on next day. Don’t make it messy,  by trying to complete all the works in one day. Take your time and create a quality work.

Time to plan to design job profile to clear interview in it company
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So, all the best with your hunt for a job… hope this tips will benefit you in your effort to find a job.

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