Course Vs College – What Should You Go For ???

Which courses should you prefer after you completed your 10+2?? The first thing comes to your mind at that time is that what the next you have to do? It’s very confusing for you. Now what you will decide will reflect your career for a long time. Therefore you need to take a right -full decision for your career. Today everything is available on the internet and we can do a lot of research there. There are two things to which most of the students make mistakes. You need to decide whether to give preference to college or course. According to me giving preference to the course is more important than your college.

Course Vs College What you should prefer ??


Let’s imagine that you want to join some renowned college like IIT, BHU, AIIMS etc. But unfortunately, you could not secure your seat due to high cut – off. Then you don’t have left with any choice but to give preference to your college. Therefore you decide to take your admission in the course which is available at the low cut- off. Now see that what you have done you are giving more preference to your college then the course and you have just changed your career. You should have gone for a specific course but you are going for some other course. After this decision, you may find difficulty in pursuing the course due to lack of your interest in that field. Furthermore, the courses which are available at the low cut- off will do not have a scope as much as the courses for high cut – off.

Selecting Your College For Good Courses


Therefore it’s become necessary that you should always give more importance to the course then the college. But we can’t say that you should go to any college with your preferred course. College selection also holds equal importance for you when it comes to the placements. You will be placed at a good company with a right job when you will select right college. Good colleges have a tie-up with good companies. They call these company for the placements of their students. It is like that at a good college you will get a good job.

Go To Good College With Your Preferred Course


So all I want to say that go for a good college for good course and if you couldn’t secure your seat due to high cut- off then wait for the next year and do some more efforts and self-study. But if you want to go for the course then you can join any good college in the course of your choice.

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