Should the Charger be plugged in your Mobile phone Overnight?

The Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our lives. This handy pocket computer is something we can’t live without.  But the only problem we face is the sign ‘LOW BATTERY’. It’s a danger sign that nobody wants to confront. In order to avoid this sign during working hours in the day time, people tend to leave the Mobile phones to get charged the whole night. But is it really so that leaving the phone to charge the whole night actually is a benefit? Is it safe to leave it the whole night? Is it strengthening or damaging the battery? The answers  to these questions are here:

Should the phone be left to charge the whole night?

Leaving the phone for charging the whole night is not going to degrade the lifespan of your phone. As the mobile phones have a tendency to stop the current from passing once the phone is fully charged. But there have been situations where it has been found lethal. Leaving the Mobile phone with a case that does not allow heat to pass, the elevated temperature will shrink the capacity of the battery and shorten the lifespan.


The best way to charge phone:

The optimum way to charge your phone is to keep them charged between 50-80%. Charging the device in for short period of time and intervals during the day is going to make your battery last longer.

What to avoid?

avoid going from 0% to directly 100% at one go. This degrades the lifespan of the battery.

Battery mobile

Accessories should be of good quality:

The chargers and cables are needed to be of good quality. The one that comes with the handset is tested to be of good quality. But in case it gets damaged, the counterfeits are not always safe to use. Before purchasing a counterfeit to your Phone’s battery, check the amp or watt rating and match it with the battery. There have been cases of explosion due to the poor quality of chargers.


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