Charbagh Railway Station : Built with Pride

Charbagh Railway Station

” The Ostentatious Design of the Structure gives every the visitor a historical warmth ” 

Charbagh Railway station Luchnow
Charbagh Railway station


Till 1867, the huge Charbagh Railway Station of Lucknow was an enormous orchard. Incorporated with domes and minars of Saracen Design, the station building was constructed in 1926. To sync with the architecture typical of the buildings made in the days of Nawabs of Oudh. Its name is relevant to the location it is built in, that is Charbagh in the south of the city. The name ‘Char Bagh’ refers to the four gardens that were present earlier. The building is made up of red bricks and has a frontispiece of long verandahs decked with Mughal arches. There are mixed structures of Rajput, Awadhi, and Mughal architecture.Considered One of the most beautiful stations in India according to its built.

charbagh Railway Station Luchnow
Charbagh Railway Station at Night


The Importance of the Station can be figured out by the facts that it contains one home platform (Platform No. 1) which houses 24 carriages train, other than this it even contains six other platforms (Platform No. 2,3,4,5,6,7). There are two bay platforms also (Platform 8 & 9) which are adjoining Platform No. 1, these platforms handle short trains with 18 carriages like Varanasi intercity, Prayag ghat passenger, etc. Platform Nos. 10 & 11 are under construction.A unique fact about the Railway station is that when viewed from an aerial view, the building looks like a Chess Board and the domes seem like the pieces of the chess game.

Charbagh Railway Station pride of Lucknow
Lucknow central Railway Station


Lucknow City is connected with all the metro and Important cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Jammu, Bhopal, Jaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad. Many intercities are also running to make it easier for people to travel around such an enormous city in almost no time. It is connected to Gomti Nagar Terminal, Aishbagh junction terminal, Alam Nagar, Transport Nagar Railway terminal and a lot more.

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