Captain Marvel: Here Comes The New Super Hero From The Marvel Universe!

Marvel Universe has no end to its everlasting superhero characters in the cinematic world. One such new character born from the vast universe is Captain Marvel. Brie Larson playing the role of Captain Marvel is something that is more exciting to the Marvel fans.

Captain Marvel in the shoot at Los Angeles
Source: Metro

This Oscar-winning 28-year old actress appeared in her new superhero costume one day before the release of the much-awaited Infinity War movie. She looked quite pretty and apt for the role in the photos caught while shooting in Los Angeles.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
Source: Cosmopolitan

She was spotted in a tight black outfit worn under her superhero costume. As Captain Marvel, she became the first female-led role played in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Also, watch this video where Brie is filming for Captain Marvel in Los Angeles.

Captain Marvel, The hidden story from the 90s

It is also confirmed from the sources that she will be playing the role of a U.S Air Force pilot Carlos Danvers who by time becomes the most powerful superhero on the Earth. The whole storyline runs in the 1990s, where Captain Marvel is shown trying to save the Earth.

Brie Larson as a pilot in Captain Marvel
Source: ThePlaylist

The film is one of the adventures from an unseen period of the past where the Earth is held in a conflict between two alien worlds. This problem laid the way for the rise of a new superhero to save the planet from intergalactic disputes. Initially, the film is scheduled to release before the sequel of the Avengers Infinity War, which is planned to hit the theatres in May 2019. With this, the Marvel Universe enters into its 21st film and will be released after Ant-Man and The Wasp which were scheduled to release in July 2018.

Brie was also starred in the Novel based movie 2015 drama Room. This movie won her the Oscar as the Best Actress for her role in the film as a kidnapping victim.

Also, watch her appearance at the Marvel’s Infinity War Premiere.

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