Camera Is What A Smartphone’s Future Is All About

Our smartphones have since always been evolving for the better. With consistent updation of new older features and addition of new ones, smartphones never tend to get boring. Along with getting slimmer and smarter, one more thing that is advancing in them is the camera. There are good loads of technologies smartphones offer which involve the use of cameras.

Face Recognition

The most common feature, apart from photos and videos, of course, is face recognition. As soon as you take the phone and look at it, it knows it’s you and unlocks. Some websites or apps offer you to scan around you and place the object you’re buying virtually, just for you to see how it looks. Be it scanning QR and barcodes to avail vouchers, or scanning a certain write-up to translate it. You can do anything with just your phone camera.

This futuristic approach is already advancing at a very high rate in the tech-world. Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 has already come up with a dual lens camera. Companies like Vivo and Oppo have launched camera phones as signatures. Apple is working on its 3D camera, which they plan to launch very soon. Amongst all this competition, other companies will definitely try to catch up.

Dual Lens

Here are some things that have transformed an ordinary camera into a new experience altogether.

4K Recording Camera

4K, or Ultra High Definition, is the new high among the camera world. It offers you a new angle to your photos and videos. For example, you can use stills from your videos as photographs, even if the still is at any microsecond. It will nonetheless be in a good pixel density.

4K Display

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal cameras are those very rarely found cameras which can be put to a social use. It can easily find out faults in circuits, or locate a person inside a building, or a cat in the dark. In any way, it comes better in handy than the GPS.

Thermal Imaging


Several smartphones have already come up with this feature. Also, we have come across many 360 videos across social media platforms and wondered in awe about how they were made. It naturally is more comfortable than the VR technology and is being widely popularised.


Image source- Google Images

-Aayushi Tiwari

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