Bura Manna Padega, As Eve Teasers Won’t Stop Playing HOLI Of Lust!

Holi of lust- eve teasing in Holi is one of the major issues facing by people of India. It is not just the festival of colors and joy but also that of doing wrong things. While playing HOLI now-a-day, Eve Teasing, sexual harassment by eve teasers are becoming very common. 

Holi of lust for Eve teasers.
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Many victims show their real colors while playing Holi just by applying colors to the females in mischievous ways. Eve Teasing by the savaged brats or uncultured youth (eve teasers) is also a very common occurrence of Holi.

Everyone should follow the rule of taking consent from a woman before putting colors on her. The government should form some kinds of initiatives in ending such a shameful act, which is becoming the real cause of spoiling festivals.

Holi of lust.
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In India scenario, there are still few families, where the girls can not able to enjoy the fun in this festival due to the teasing behavior of some people. Drinking and then doing eve teasing is very common.

In this festival, eve teasers molest and hack women. Festival which was the cause of fun, anxiety, and enjoyment has now become pernicious and ill human. So parents are afraid of sending their daughters to play Holi outside as their girls will not be safe outside.

Instead of that, they should make learn to their sons to respect women and let them enjoy. But as we know, our society is so Hippocratic that they say something different and do something different. Their actions usually don’t match their words. Not only Boys are behaving in a wrong manner with girls but also adults.

Holi of lust.
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Eve Teasers and crimes associated with eve teasing:

In India, Holi is now the festival of crime due to the different cases reported for eve-teasing, molestation and sexual harassment on that day. We should not be offended, after all, its HOLI -This phrase is very common. So all women should know about the laws for their protection.

Awareness is what our society needs in the present scenario so that each and every citizen can enjoy this festival. Holi is a very pure festival and we should not let anyone destroy its pureness by molestation and sexual harassment.

So, there should be various punishments for Eve Teasing. Sexual harassment like eve- teasing of women amounts to the violation of rights guaranteed under Articles 14, 15 as well. We notice in the absence of effective legislation to contain eve-teasing, normally, complaints are registered under Section 294 or Section 509 IPC.

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