How To Browse The Web Privately And In More Safe Way

In this data and secret information seeking mean world, it has become tedious to browse the web without fear of losing data and log entries to hackers and dozens of spyware and ransomware. Companies don’t miss out even a single opportunity to know about you, to collect your data and sell it further on to advertisers. It’s a serious privacy breach, like selling personal browsing data, log history, and sessions and using people like data mining machines. Well, not to become a victim of this privacy hindrance, we have come up with a guide on how to browse the web privately and more securely.

browse the web safely

We can’t promise you 100% fully that you won’t be tracked or you ae completely safe using these methods, yet it’s good if can do as much as feasible.

Browse The Web Privately Using These Ways:-

Using Incognito Browser Sessions

Every browser has some private or incognito mode, and when you close down the Incognito hidden/secret tab, it waves its hand to convince your computer and the web at large extent that the browsing history and session you finished never actually happened. None of the search history, cookies, and cached data is stored in the browser. And all the cloud monitoring is turned off with no log-ins to any website. Incognito mode will keep your data and you anonymous to a major extent. Your internet service provider (ISP) will still be able to recognize you and your computer and the sites you’re visiting. Incognito mode is best suitable when you want to keep your browsing activities invisible to other people who use your computer.

Browse the web privately

Tunneling Via VPN

VPM or Virtual Private Network is one of the best tools to stay anonymous and safe while browsing over a public or shared internet connection like public hotspots, cafeteria Wi-Fi or shared connections. As far as your digital prints go, a good VPN will keep you anonymous from almost everyone except the VPN company itself and needless to say, the most determined hackers as well to some extent. Even your ISP can’t tell what sites you’re visiting, but it can log when you are connected online and when you are disconnected. These kinds of software and apps will add enhanced security and safety to your browsing, but not necessarily anonymity.

Browse the web with VPN

Tor And Tails

For a VPN, you still need some credentials to create an account and use their service. Tor browsers come with several VPN features to bounce your internet activity to a different part of the world, making it stone harder for anyone else to track you down. On the top of this, you can browse from a virtual machine or bootable USB stick so that your entire operating system gets reset every time you log off. Even with all these protection measures, you need to be a bit more careful. Avoid usage of any debit or credit cards, also consider leaving your phone at home only, because while you’re on your anonymous mode, public shared networks will always be beaming at your location coordinates to your network provider and Google as well, and this could eventually be bridged to link to your browsing activity.

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