Bollywood Divas Who Slept With Filmmakers For First Break

Bollywood actresses have for long been victims of male chauvinism in the industry. They’re always asked to do sexual favors in return for the work given to them. Some agree, being desperate for work, while some deny. But there always is some or the other story coming up in the headlines every day on this issue. Such has been the story of the controversial industry we call Bollywood.

Men still see women as sexual assets in the film industry. Be it the on-screen exposure of their bodies, or pleasures confined within four walls which the audience doesn’t always come to know of. Many Bollywood actresses have come to accept publicly what is widely known as the ‘casting couch.’ But there still are some of the actresses bold enough to step forward and reveal this heinous doing. A shout out to all those who have come out to expose such faces.

  • Kangana Ranaut:

    Bollywood Divas Who Slept With Filmmakers For First Break- kangna
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    Kangana Ranaut, the bold queen, had stated that the filmmakers of her movie ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ asked her to pay back what she owed them by her body when she was being offered the film.

  • Tisca Chopra:

    Tisca Chopra- bollywood actors who slept with filmmaker for first break
    Tisca Chopra

    The wonderful Tisca Chopra has openly admitted that sleeping with producers comes along as more of an agreement on a contract in Bollywood. She was asked to do the same in her struggling days.

  • Kalki Koechlin:

    kalki - bollywood actor
    Kalki Koechlin

    As talented as Kalki is, she is also outspoken enough to declare that she once was the victim of the casting couch and didn’t refuse. She considered it as an opportunity and made the best out of it, as everyone can see by her success.

  • Payal Rohtagi:

    Payal Rohatgi - bollywood actors
    Payal Rohatgi

    She left everyone shocked when she revealed that ace director Dibakar Banerjee had inappropriately touched her many times and even accused him of raping her. Banerjee refused to accept any of the allegations and was supported by Anurag Kashyap.

  • Surveen Chawla:

    Surveen Chawla- bollywood actors
    Surveen Chawla

    She had admitted in an interview that when she was offered her break movie ‘Hate Story 2’, she had many offers to sleep with producers as a return of favor. Although she never accepted one.

There, of course, are many other examples of this doing of men in the Bollywood industry. We come to know of some, and some remain unknown. While we hope that this very wrong system ends as soon as possible, we admit that there is no denial of the fact that this indeed is hard to achieve. The media does a great deal of help in supporting our actresses when it comes to issues like these. But unfortunately, we do not come to know of legal actions taken against the accused. Money plays its part. People still are moving free after committing such crimes. At the same time, we also cannot entirely ignore that women do it forcefully. There are examples where they voluntarily joined in to be successful. But of course, such a condition shouldn’t have arrived in the first place.

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