Divas Of Bollywood Falling For The Bad Guys

Sometimes love can truly be blind, and this is yet to be proven. But Some of the most wanted gangsters have fallen in love with Divas of our Bollywood. These Divas captured the hearts of some the most brutal and ruthless underworld guys. The fact that it could be fatal never registered with these Bollywood Divas.

  • Mandakini and Daud Ibrahim

The ‘Ram Teri Ganga maili’ sensation Mandakini highlighted and important news of her time.There has not been any public acceptance regarding their relationship. But sources plainly fished an ignition between the two and had known instances to prove the rumor to be true.

Divas,bollywood,felt in love with dangerous people ,cruelty
  • Nihita Biswas and Charles Sobhraj

Nihita Biswas was yet another case. She fell in love with Charles Sobhraj. The couple had a nice thing going on and they both married in Kathmandu jail. Nihita has also participated in the Big Boss season 5, the show where most controversies and fights are seen.

Divas,bollywood,felt in love with dangerous people ,cruelty
  • Monica Bedi and Abu Salem

Monica Bedi is a well known yet contraversial face in Bollywood today. But her fame and popularity was primarily earned by her relationship with Abu Salem. They were both arrested in fake documents case in 2002.  But Monica got a chance to retribute and hence has concentrated on her Bollywood career sincerely.

Divas,bollywood,felt in love with dangerous people ,cruelty
  • Mamta Kulkarni and Vicky Goswami

Mamta Kulkarni is a well known yet controversial figure around us. She was seen being involved with a drug dealer of Dubai, Vicky Goswami. But this made her do reckless things, and she ran away with him. It was later known that both of them had converted themselves into pioneers of Islam. But at last, they were arrested in Kenya.

Divas,bollywood,felt in love with dangerous people ,cruelty
  • Anita Ayub and Daud Ibrahim

Anita Ayub is truly a beauty and sight for the eyes to behold. She is the winner of a model and beauty pageant. But Anita was said to be romantically involved with Daud. Rumours say that Daud went to the extent of killing Javed Siddiqui, a producer who did not cast Anita in his movie.

Divas,bollywood,felt in love with dangerous people ,cruelty

So, these divas are the ones who fell into the underworld hands and ruined themselves.

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