Bollywood Celebs And Thier Cold Hearted Statements That Put Them Into Controversies

Being a celebrity is not as easy as it looks like. Everyone dreams to be a Bollywood celeb but not everyone has the gut to handle the stardom. Bollywood is a package of your life. From parties, date nights, vacations in abroad and even to the gym, Bollywood contains all of it. But, the most loved part by the audiences is Gossip.

Many a times, celebrities regret their statements as it puts them into controversies. Many celebrities do it deliberately to be a day-night topic for the audience or whether in the heat of the moment that makes some of the never ending topics.

From Salman, Shahrukh, Aamir, Mallika sherawat and many other celebs have been in a controversy and  there is always another one waiting for you. Here are some of the famous controversies :

1. Salman Khan

Dabangg Khan stated in an interview at the time of grudges with Shahrukh khan :

Salman khan statement

“Shahrukh meri girlfriend nahi thi…   apni purani girlfriends ko miss nhi krta, Shahrukh ko kya karuga”.

2. Shahrukh Khan

King Khan stated in an interview :

Shahrukh statement

“I’m going to work very hard, positively, with clarity to be a pornstar. I will take my flag and put it up in America as the biggest pornstar of the world”.

3. Mahest Bhatt

The Filmmaker Bhatt Sahab said :

Mahesh bhatt comment

“If Pooja wasn’t my daughter, I’d love to marry her”.

4. Aamir Khan

Mr. Perfectionist gone too far and questioned the acting of legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee starring in movie Black and said :

Aamir statement

“I didn’t like the film. I find it very insensitive. It sends out very wrong signals. It was extremely manipulative. The performance were also the top”.

5. Vishal Bhardwaj

Vishal Bhardwaj is known for his rustic and raw brand of cinema. Reacting on the censorship of PK and AIB Roast raised a controversy with his statement that :

“The censorship board is behaving like TALIBAN, it should be censored and chopped”.

6. Ranveer Singh

Bajirao slammed a fan who tried to flirt with Anushka(at the time they were dating) at an event and told him :

“Mind your language. She is my girlfriend. I’ll break you nose”.

7. Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover don’t like the idea of fiction as he can’t manage the fiction with the story lines and schedules. He quoted in the reports by saying that :

“Better to open a shop than do daily soaps”.

8. Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat is a lady who loves to be in limelight either by doing bold stunts or giving bold statements. Once she slammed other heroines by saying:

“I feel sad for actresses who are not sexy. Poor thing yaar! I’m happy to be a sex symbol”.

She also commented:

“The worst thing about one night stands is that you hurt many people. As long as you don’t hurt, it’s OK”.

9. Salim Khan

When media and Bollywood joined together to solve the spat going on between Salman and Shahrukh, Salim Khan stated something which took down all the efforts to square one.

“Salman and Shahrukh can never ever be friends “.

10. Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri said in an interview about her boyfriend choice and stated :

“Anyone. Doesn’t matter. Are they going to date me or save me ? Whoever has the bigger p****s maybe”.

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